Welcome to the COZY COTTAGE. This is the furever home of the memory of Miss Peach, our 18 year old Devon Rex angel kitty. I am Miss Hunny Bunny, she asked me to pour you a cuppa catmint tea as you read our old fashion mewsings about this and that. Please come by often...one lump or two? Now our precious Hunny Bunny is also an angel cat...please let me be your hostess at the cozy cottage...my name is Miss Hope.

Remember...only in our tomorrows will we realize what we had in our yesterdays.

Monday, December 31, 2007


graphic by Zoolatry, Blingeed by the mommy
Thank you so much for your many sweet visits, and purrayers to my blog over the past six months.
I have made so many nice friends that I will keep close in my heart all the rest of my ninth life!
Remember that each moment lived well today, will be tomorrows treasured yesterdays.
I wish all of you a very BLESSED and HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Love Miss Peach, the mommy and Lapdaddy
Oh and how about them UNBEATEN Patriots! Can I pick em or what!?

Sunday, December 30, 2007


A pretty snowy backyard...

A lovely Christmas Angel...
A nice cozy sleepy place.
White Christmas roses from the sweet Lapdaddy!
And last but not least....
I wanted to share some Christmas cards I got from my cat card club for the last cat art Sunday of the year.
Have a wonderful special day and remember
God loves you so much<><~~~~~

Saturday, December 29, 2007


On the first day of Catmas Santa Claws gave to me...A Gizzy quilt in my cat tree (I wish)

On the second day of Catmas Santa Claws gave to me...Two brand new food dishes

On the third day of Catmas Santa Claws gave to me...Three tubes of Petromalt

On the fourth day of Catmas Santa Claws gave to me...Four bags of Fresh Step

On the fifth day of Catmas Santa Claws gave to me...Five CATNIP mousies!

On the sixth day of Catmas Santa Claws gave to me...Six Lillian JACKSON Brown mysteries

On the seventh day of Catmas Santa Claws gave to me...Seven colorful plastic bottle caps

On the eighth day of Catmas Santa Claws gave to me...Eight cans of Albacore

On the ninth day of Catmas Santa Claws gave to me...Nine bags of Temptation

On the tenth day of Catmas Santa Claws gave to me...Ten nice pink wiffel balls

On the eleventh day of Catmas Santa Claws gave to me...Eleven sacks of Meow Mix

On the twelfth day of Catmas Santa Claws gave to me...Twelve bottles of medicine!

Emil of the Cat Realm starring as Santa Claws!
I hope you are enjoying your time as much as we are. During the final days, we think on those we spent, some good some bad. The new year will bring more welcome days to play and sleep and eat. There will be tea parties to enjoy each others company at!

Friday, December 28, 2007


~~My Gift to You~~
by Marcelle

Chance makes a poet,
so by chance a poet I would be,
and send my verse,
like Eros' lance,
to strike and pleasure thee.
I'll make such rhymes for thee,
will start sweet bells a-chiming in thy heart
be beautiful as mountain spring, or,
light as spinning foam will bring
a moments pleasure then depart.
My soul would soar to heights sublime,
so let each ballad ring with all the bards of ancient time,
and minstrelsy, to sing.
If then these songs delight thee, dear,
suffice they must for me:
one moment's joy unto thine ear,
then gone from memory.

I'd like to dedicate this poem to the two of them with my appreciation, Marcelle.

Thank you kindly Marcelle for the pleasure was and is all ours...
And we thank you all for the well wishes for mommy. I am taking good care of her with lots of snuggle time and playing with all the beautiful Christmas cards that came in the mail box to me here. I do not know how that happened because I did not put my address in the Santa Claws bag. I can not even read or spell very well.
Today one card even came for COLE from Jeter and Mickey! He was so delighted he asked to take it home:)
It just goes to show that there is magic at work during this season...

Thursday, December 27, 2007


God rest ye sleepy, pussycats,

Let no one you awake;

For nothings worst than lake of sleep,

Your peace and joys at stake.

When Christmas cheer has left you spent,

A catnap's what to take~

Oh, tidings of slumber and joy,

Slumber and joy.

Oh, tidings of slumber and joy!

Mommy and I are very sorry we have not been coming around to spread any Christmas cheer...but the mommy is not feeling in the pink these past few days. Everyone seems to say she caught a (BAH HUM)bug....I thought I was the only bug catcher in our house! I just think she ate way tooooo many of those Belgian chocolate cookies myself! At least she still gets up to feed me and give me those yucky meds and helps me with my blog...but after that she isn't too chipper. Thank you all so much for your kind visits until we see you again.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Welcome to the cozy cottage.
Let me take your hat and coat.Please sit and pour you a cup of Christmas cheer.
The cookies are Belgian!

I will serve myself some of the yummy things Santa Claws brought for me. Do you like my necklace? It came from Pixel in an auction for the 'Project Ham.' We redheads look stunning in green!
I must compliment you on how wonderful you look! Just as you described yourself in the words of your heart below...

"Wistful Thinking"

Sometime, I think, there's got to be

A night that glitters just for me:

A gorgeous, swishing, low-cut gown

For wining, dining on the town.

Exotic perfume on my breast,

A fancy hair-style, all the rest...

With all that's shining in the skies

Reflected in my dazzled eyes.

Before I grow too old to wear

The dress...

The perfume...

Fancy hair...

My guest today has been Ms. Marcelle...she is the most amazing Mother of Pyewackets Mommy! A writer most extraordinaire, who can enchant you and weave a memory from her past to capture you forever in a web you never want to escape...she has even met General MacArthur!

Happy first day of Christmas to everyone! Let the season begin!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Merry Christmas to each of you from
Miss Peach, Karla and the Lapdaddy!
(don't you just adore those tiny three wise mice bearing gifts, yes mommy folded each one of those stars:)

Monday, December 24, 2007


Kim Jacobs is one of my favorite artists. Her soft romantic watercolors have charmed me for a dozen years now. She often includes cats in her work.
This is her Father Christmas making his way through the land on Christmas Eve...spreading his magic for all mankind!
I can only tell you the desire of my heart today...to somehow convey the love I feel for all of you, the graditude I feel for your friendship, the joy I get being able to share my world with you...and how humbled I am by your continued visits to the cozy cottage. I thank you so from my little old heart...I love you...


not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse!
the stockings were hung by the chimney with care
in hopes that...
they would be filled with peace for the world
love for all mankind
a happy home for each homeless cat and dog
and a returning to the quiet moments in which
we truly find the treasure of HIS gift....

Sunday, December 23, 2007


Please sit and pour yourself a cup of Christmas tea. Today is Cat Art Sunday and I will show you how to make a paper star with a little bit of folding and just one cut.

It is best to use a foil type wrapping paper for an elegant star, but any paper will do. Anyone can do this and they are very fun to make...like folding a paper airplane! Make sure you begin with a square piece of paper and fold your folds very even and crisp. First fold is top to bottom and left to right.
Next fold is the east fold down to south & west fold down to south.
you then have a smaller square...and again you fold east to center and west to center to look like an upside down kite.

Now fold the left side under the right and you are ready to make your cut. If you want a full fat looking star, cut on the green line I drew for you. If you want a deeply dissected pointy star, cut on the purple line...

You will have to refold some of the folds into the accordion pleats going the same direction.
Make them in different sizes and layer colors on top of each other.
My smallest star is less than half and inch:)
Now go and get those scissors, grab the children and make some Christmas place cards out of your stars! No running with those scissors!

Saturday, December 22, 2007


Mommy made this pretty heart with German scrap...it is very Bavarian!

Lapdaddy is jealous because I am getting ALL the pretty Christmas cards this year! Thank you all so very much for the lovely wishes!
These pretty wrapping paper stars are just folded and cut with One cut!
Here I am on my pretty soft as clouds blanket the I got for Christmas. I love Tartan plaid!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend...see you tomorrow!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Victorian Christmas~~~REJOICE! again I say REJOICE!!

Today I spent most of the time sleeping in my new blanket mommy got me for Christmas. It is softer than clouds in heaven! Then Cole came over and he was laying on it and was reading mommies new VICTORIA magazine. That made mommy really happy...this will be a favorite blanket for all of us. I am still eating well and taking my medicines mostly. At night I curl up in a ball beside mommy under the feather bed...life is good and I hope Santa Claws sees that I am being a real good cat. Except for the fact that I sleep way too much and have not come to visit you as much as I should. Please know I love you all and think about you very fondly...

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


COLE said, "This town is like magic!"

At 4:30 the Birch trees in the park came alive with white lights.

Then the gingerbread houses lit the eaves and balconies and windows!

The clips below shows the lighting of the tiny Alpine town. The spreading of Christmas cheer is complete! Now where was that bratwurst stand again?

I hope you have enjoyed the little tour so far of the magical Christmas town of Leavenworth. It is wonderful here as the seasons roll into each other. This town rose up from the ashes and goes the extra mile in everything she does! Thank you for coming along so far....OK now where is that sugar coated raisin bread mommy??!

We will still show you more candid shots of the town ...mommy is such a shutter bug:)


The houses on FRONT STREET look like they are made of Gingerbread.
Watch the scene flow as we pan to the right
with the two following photos...
The park and Gazebo are across from Front Street... The ruts on the slope are from children and their sleds:)
I met Mr. Ebenezer Scrooge right after he saw the error of his miserly ways!
He gave me two gold coins out of his money bag!!
I got to meet FATHER CHRISTMAS from England
and the lovely golden KRISTKIND (Christ child)
who brings the gifts to the children in Germany on Christmas eve.Black Beauty the carriage horse gave rides all through the town.
Be sure to have him stop at the chocolate shop
and the bratwurst stand!

Der Heilige Sankt Nikolaus told the story

of how he gave gifts to the poor.

Yes, there is a Santa Claus...indeed he was real!! The cast of 'THE NUTCRACKER' were on hand

to greet little fans and make the magic
more than real for them!

Tomorrow I will show you the town lighting ceremony, the highlight of the weekend for thousands of travelers who come to this tiny magical town in the Alps of Washington...to find the real spirit of ~Weihnachten~