Welcome to the COZY COTTAGE. This is the furever home of the memory of Miss Peach, our 18 year old Devon Rex angel kitty. I am Miss Hunny Bunny, she asked me to pour you a cuppa catmint tea as you read our old fashion mewsings about this and that. Please come by often...one lump or two? Now our precious Hunny Bunny is also an angel cat...please let me be your hostess at the cozy cottage...my name is Miss Hope.

Remember...only in our tomorrows will we realize what we had in our yesterdays.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Well here it is just like I promised you. Mommy made me a sweat lodge quarantine hut! it has my new pink blanket it in and my heated pad. Then she covered it with my Hey Diddle Diddle the Cat and the Fiddle blanket to keep all the heat inside. That does keep it toasty warm. So as you can see I have completely taken over the fireplace mantle. The cute bunny family has been kicked to the living room window after they got a bath....what did you say they suffered from mommy? Slimmysnotitis? Is there medicine for that in my ever growing box full of medicines? Mommy can check up on me at night without disturbing me too much because of this cute little flashlight that Jasper Ginger sent me from England. Inside his package were all the beautiful goodies below. I love the butterfly charm. It will go well with my wedding things. They goldfish toy will get lots of use when Hunny Bunny comes by for a visit. Being an old cat, I do not play anymore, but it is nice to have toys for company! Mommy got luckiest with the gossamer golden shawl that Jasper's mommy made for her...she will wear it when she goes out with her prettiest dress. It looks like a golden spider wove it...very pretty! We thank you mommy Carol and Jasper for your kindness...
Hey turn that light out now! I want to sleep in peace! You will have to wait and see what else mommy got for me...but I know for sure I will HATE it!!!

Signing off from the sick bay for now...medication time at noon and six o'clock! Yuck!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I love my furry friends. Today I am showing you two gifts that came for me from as far apart in this country as can possibly be. Mr. Whiskers sent me this beautiful Victorian kitty book with the nicest pictures and writings inside all the way from Hawaii. The beautiful cable knit sweater came from Massachusetts at TT's house. She did not want me to be cold anymore so she told her mommy to send this to me. It is mommies favorite color and fits me to a TT:) Thank you both so much for always thinking about me. I also have a nice package that I got from Ginger Jasper in England...I will show that Wednesday. Mommy got me a gifty too, but I am not so sure I will like it at all!!! You will also see my newest sleeping establishment unveiled for the world to see....
God bless all my furry family wherever they may be, keep them warm and safe from harm for they're so close to me. And God, there is one more thing I wish that you could do; hope you don't mind me asking, please bless my computer too. Now I know that it's unusual to Bless a motherboard, but listen just a second while I explain it to you, Lord. You see, that little metal box holds more than odds and ends; inside those small compartments rest so many of my furry friends. I know so much about them by the kindness that they give, and this little scrap of metal takes me in to where they live. By faith is how I know them much the same as you. We share in what life brings us and from that our friendships grew. Please take an extra minute From your duties up above, to bless those in my address book that's filled with so much love. Wherever else this prayer may reach to each and every furry friend, bless each e-mail inbox and each kitty who hits 'send'. When you update your Heavenly list on your own Great CD-ROM, Bless everyone who says this prayer sent up to GOD.Com Amen<><

Monday, April 27, 2009

NEVER WASTE A GOOD DAY...or the chance to say I LOVE YOU!

UPDATE: We are home from a morning at the Vet. We are exhausted to say the least but glad to be home. I got poked and prodded and looked over like a prize fighter! My teeth are doing well. I am dehydrated so I got what is called subQ's. I never had those b4 and I looked like a little old lady with a baggy dress and droopy stockings when I got done. Like my furry suit had sprung a leak and water got in! I felt and looked even more weird! ALL my stitched were taken out YEAH! I still have a bad issue on my incision an open pocket of infection at one of the stitch spots. Dr. Oliver gave me a better salve to spread on it called Bactoderm. I also got an injection for pain. I have a bad case of URI possibly from the tooth removal where bacteria may have worked it's way into the sinus cavity during irrigation of the mouth. Wheeeeezing and snezzzzing is no fun. Mommy can't get the snot cleaned up fast as I can sling it around. Poor mantle bunnies are covered in it! I did eat and drink as soon as I got home, so that is a good sign. This whole situation is making mommy so sad...she blames herself for me feeling so bad because she told Dr Oliver to take my bad teeth and my tumor away. Now I am really sick and she is so sad for me. It will take much longer than planned to get me well again, but Dr. Oliver said I will get better. 1993....the year Lapdaddy and mommy got engaged...he put this on the floor of our garden shed..
I hope another rainbow will come after I go to the Vet today... What a difference a day makes...24 little hours..we are just so blessed to have our Lapdaddy home with us again. It was such a great day yesterday. Lapdaddy built mommy a bird house, planted tomatoes and cucumbers and petunias.
Mommy took him to eat salad and soup at his favorite place. It was a good good day. The first of many more to come. Never waste a single day kitties because tomorrow is not promised to anyone. Do not be angry or grumpy at anyone because it wastes energy. Try not to need to have the last word or care who left crumbs on the counter or complain about who might have left kitty litter all over the carpet...be happy with everyday as the gift it is and be thankful for those who love you! Please enjoy the song. It is one of mommies favorites. For those who can not get the song to load up, it is sung by Kay Starr and played by Charlie Barnet.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

HOME TOGETHER AGAIN! For better and worse...

I almost can not find the words to thank you for all of the many prayers you have given on our behalf. The have been heard in Heaven and my Lapdaddy is home with me once again. We are so grateful that you all love us so much and took the time to intervene and petition for us. Once again a miracle was given to us and my Lapdaddy was saved. The timing of the days events could only have been orchastrated from Heaven. He had his heart attack at the VA Clinic and they quickly took him to the hospital three blocks away. The head cardiac doctor was in house and he did a heart cath and found two blood clots. They were removed with great difficulty and two stints placed to keep the vein open. After a very restless night, dawn brought a new day and a new outlook on the rest of our lives. I am so glad to have Lapdaddy and mommy home again. They are so happy to be here with me.
I am not doing so well right now. My stitches are still a bit infected. The problem is that I sleep rolled up like an armadillio and no air can get to them to dry them out. I also have developed a very rough cough. Mommy is very worried and I will be back at the Vet Monday morning to tell Dr. Oliver I am not a happy old kitty. She put my heating pad inside my new pink blanket and covered me with my favorite fleecy scrap to keep me warm. I am still eating well, so I hope that is a good sign. We are sorry we are so sick right now at the cozy cottage. But we are very happy and count our many Blessings no matter what may come. Each and every comment you have left for us means the world to us, as we read them we know we are not alone...

Friday, April 24, 2009


I am sorry to have to tell you that my sweet Lapdaddy had a heart attack today. He is in the hospital getting the very best of care. He will have to stay for a little bit and mommy will be there with him. I would like it if you could channel all of your purrrrs and prayers there to him so he will be well enough to return home to the cozy cottage and let me back on his lap real soon. He has a very loving but very broken heart and the doctors have fixed it back up again many times. Each time we pray and our prayers are answered...please let this be another one of those times. I love you all and will write more as mommy tells me. Tonight I will be alone but mommy will leave the light on that I am sleeping under. All my love till soon...your Miss Peach


Which picture do you like better? Mommy like the no flash one...because I am surrounded by a glow.
It has been a very long week with lots of ups and downs. The down was my getting my stitches infected and having to go to see Dr. Oliver again. The up was that he gave me a shot good for two weeks to help with my infection. The real up is that it is working and today my stitches "looking very good" to quote mommy. The down is that I am coughing a raspy deep tune all day long. The up is that I am allowed to sleep on top of the mantle and that I can jump up there without too much trouble. I am still quite nimble for a 16 year old! So today I will spend most of my time sleeping and dreaming about a long white dress and a day by a lighthouse far away...

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I was having such a good start to the new week...sleeping where ever I wanted as long as I want. Waking up when ever I want and taking a big stretch...life was great until.....

Sunday night when mommy noticed that my stitches were not doing do well. This is the redickulous paperplate collar she made me wear...Monday was not my favorite day of the week. I had to wear this silly Tshirt all day long and at night too...Sunshine on my shoulder makes me happy....I was allowed to go out onto the patio yesterday for the first time this year. It was nice and warm and sunny. That felt so good to my furs and helped me relax.

Monday, April 20, 2009


A tiny butterfly came all the way from Jasper Ginger's cottage in England to watch over me!UPDATE: Mommy is very worried because my tummy stitches are red and swollen today. She thinks that I was licking them too much and because they are in my groin area, they tend to stay moist. We are back from the seeing Dr. Oliver. He told us that he thinks the stitches might be making my skin react to them like a foreign body. There are stitiches inside too that we did not know about. These might be becoming very sensitive and making me react to them. My pretty tummy is looking like a trussed up sausage!!! We are not happy! Mommy is making me wear a silly Tshirt in an effort to keep me from licking and to have some cotton down in that area to pat things more dry. I look like a rejected hippy in it. Dr. Oliver gave me a pain injection and I can get another in two days. he also gave me an auntie biotick injection good for two weeks! YEAH! No more squirting yucky stuff into my sore mouth! Well I must say we are exhausted in so many ways...this is not the turn of events we wished for. Things have been going so well. My tail stitches and my toothless mouth are coming along nice... I think these two are the Tooth Fairies ML and Auntie Deb...
Grape hyacinth are a favorite at spring time...
We are going to have a nice quiet day here today counting our blessings and resting...I will tell you what mommy did to me again on Wednesday! It is overkill, that's all I have to say about it!

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Hello dear friends...I want to tell you that 13 years ago today my mommy and Lapdaddy got married. It is their wedding anniversary. But even more special, today is also my dear Lapddadies 70th birthday!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU LAPDADDY! I think I owe the TOOTH FAIRIE an apology because she finally came and left me all of these wonderful gifts yesterday! New gardening tools in a pretty pink bag and all the pampering paw salves and soaks and soaps and sprays I need after a hard day out in the flower garden. Pretty cards came to my mailbox to cheer me along my recovery. The wonderful vintage pin above is my very first wedding gift from our dear ML. I think it is so purrrrfect for the theme of our wedding because it will be a Vintage Affair. Thank you dearest Tooth Fairie MLand Auntie Deb.
This was my birthday gift to my Lapdaddy today...I came out of my sick bed and jumped up on his lap and stayed for over an hour cuddled up in his big strong arms. He rubbed my head gently and told me that my furs are looking better and that my breath doesn't smell bad anymore, music to my ears.
This is the best phone call I ever got in my life..
(except when ML & Auntie Deb call me).
I wish all of you a most wonderful Sunday...
I know we are having the best one ever today at the cozy cottage.

Saturday, April 18, 2009


It has been two months today that my very special tiny friend NORMIE went to the rainbow bridge early one morning...I miss him so very much. Do you kitties believe in time travel? Well I do! You see, Normie comes by once in awhile and checks in on me to see how I am doing. I have all of my friends here on earth checking in with me and my little special friend comes from heaven to make sure I am alright. I must be the luckiest little ginger girl cat in the whole wide world!
I know when we go over the rainbow bridge this must be the what waits for us...a beautiful park where the birds and squirrels play.

Here is a picture of two tiny kitties in the basket of forget~me~nots that look just like me and Normie...
I have some very good news to tell you all tomorrow...please drop by and I will have the tea kettle on all day...it has something to do with the Tooth Fairie, my Lapdaddy and what the Vet has to say about me...

Friday, April 17, 2009


I now have nine teeth under the pillow and that Tooth Fairie has not brought me anything... Mommy is happy that I am eating and dinking a little bit better with each day that goes by. I still do not have any energy and am resting all the time. I purrrr when I think about how much you all love me and when the mommy pets me real softly. I did jump up on Lapdaddy once this evening but I did not stay...up and down in a quick roundtrip. He was happy I did at least that.
It sure has been a rough week for me and so many of you dear friends too. Please continue to purrrrr for Maxi at Dr.Tweety's house...he still doesn't want to eat even the best tidbits and you know how good the food is over there!!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009


We are confined to the bed for now. Mommy makes me stay on my blue fuzzy blanket with a heated pad underneath. She brings me breakfast in bed and tends to my every need. Lapdaddy fusses over me too and wants me to come and sit in his lap. In truth...I am recovering slowly and am still groggy. I am eating and drinking a little bit and using the little girls room...but...I have developed a sneezeing situation with some discharge. They took out nine teeth and that could cause some trauma in the sinus area...so that is what we think it is. Mommy is sure to give my auntie bioticks (but I would rather have Auntie Deb!) very regularly...goodness kitties does that ever taste BAD!!!
Thank you dear Mickey for this colorful get well wish...it sure does cheer me to know how much you care for me...

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I have been home from the surgeries for seven hours now. Mommy has fussed over me the whole time...did you expect anything else? ML and Auntie Deb called me three times on the telephone before I finally was home and answered. Boy oh boy did they ever have a surprise for me on their blog! Go and see!!!! When I walked through the house for the first time, I kept bumping into things because I was so woozy from the drugs they put me on. My eyes were so big and dark. I went to the little girls room staight away and then yelled my head off for some dinner. Mind you, a little 4 pound girl like me needs food on a regular basis. I was thirsty too...real thirsty. I could only have a few teaspoons of water and one of Fancy Feast mixed with water. It went down well and I did not give it back, which was a worry. I have had two more little meals like that since. I am resting well in front of my fireplace on my heated pad. I hope I do not have a nightmare tonight after I finally get to sleep. You have no idea what they did to me after mommy and lapdaddy left me at the Vet today. Doctor Oliver took away my tummy tumor and sent it to be biopsyed in case it was bad or something. Then he removed a growth I had on my neck. There was a big one on my tail and he cut it out...now I have a funny shaved tail with no lump but lots of stiches. I thought they were going to remove two of my very bad teeth....but get this....they found SEVEN more and took them too!! I just know I am going to need dentures to eat with from now on. To top it all off, I have a tray full of medications I have to eat...I'd rather have stinky goodness. We had a beautiful ending to a very long worrisome day...God showed us a sign of his promise that all will be well in the most beautiful rainbow we have ever seen here in the desert. The very best part of coming home today were reading all of your comments of love and encouragement. Your concern touches our hearts more than we can every convey...we thank you for loving us so much. I will spend the rest of the week being good and healing up.

I want to tell you that my beautiful white curly sister PRINCESS is having her 18th birthday today! That is amazing...I love you Princess!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


UPDATE: I AM HOME! I am on drugs...I am hungry! I am thursty! I am tired! I have to pee! I am happy!

UPDATE: We just called the Vet and our precious little girl is safely out of surgery and sleeping now. We can pick her up in two hours. I am a nervous wreck over this and can't wait to go and collect her home...thank you for all of your purrrrs. They mean the world to us all...

Yes, I have to get up at seven this morning to be at the Vet by eight. I hate that thought! Mommy does too! Last night I had to take a bath of all things...then get my nails cut. A light supper was all I got as a reward for that torture. So if my blood work passes...then I will have my surgeries today. Mommy will update my blog when she brings me home and puts me to bed. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your love and encouragement during this time. We will get through this because of you...yes that means YOU! I hope steeling my teeth does not hurt too much...does this mean the TOOTH FAIRY will come and bring me something if I leave them under my frying pan?

I am taking this card Zoolatry made for me along to the Vet today, so they will know how much all of my friends love me. You can find your name on the card if you bigafy...

Monday, April 13, 2009


Inside my box I have placed several things to get me through this week. First I packed up all of your good wishes...then added all of the purrrrs and prayers you have left for me...on top of those I placed a carefully wrapped packet filled to the brim with your LOVE. Mommy added some faith, hope and peace. Lapdaddy tossed in a catnip mousie and a promise to make a nice lap for me anytime I want! What more could any cat need....

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Can you find the EASTER BUNNY in these pictures?
Thank you so much for all the pretty cards you sent to me!

From all of us here at the cozy cottage, may you have a most blessed EASTER. How good it feels to live in the truth of eternal life...
"Christos anesty,"
"Alithos anesty!!"

If you click this link, you will go to my garden shed for a little tiny bit of EASTER magic. http://www.jacquielawson.com/preview.asp?cont=1&hdn=0&pv=3139846

Friday, April 10, 2009


On GOOD FRIDAY everyone at the cozy cottage eats fish... I will order some fresh from the market. Maybe some of you can stop by and we will wander around in the garden...Hunny Bunny will be glad to show you around. Mommy will not let me outside on my patio yet because she does not want me to catch a cold before I go for my surgery next Tuesday. While it is still cool here, some of the pretty flowers are coming up...

How do you like my collage I made? I am very proud of it. Miss Birgit helped me...now I feel like a pretty smart kitty! You can download the website free and it is really easy to use...trust me, I am not tecknickle cat and I still has so much fun with it. http://photoscape.en.softonic.com/

We are looking forward to EASTER and celebrating the empty tomb...our HOPE is ALIVE!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


The weather has been nice and warm in the low 70's here at the cozy cottage garden. The daffs are up and the fish in the pond are getting hungry. Yesterday we saw Buddy come into the garden over the fence followed closely by the Elusive kitten!! I think they pal around with each other during the day and come by in the evening to eat. Hunny Bunny said 'HI' to both of them and went right back to sleep on her special chair.
I will spend today sleeping in a cozy nest of LOVE....next week on this day (Tuesday, April 14th) I will be at Doctor Olivers Vet Clinic having my two for one surgery. Can somekitty please make the world stop turning so that day does not arrive.