Welcome to the COZY COTTAGE. This is the furever home of the memory of Miss Peach, our 18 year old Devon Rex angel kitty. I am Miss Hunny Bunny, she asked me to pour you a cuppa catmint tea as you read our old fashion mewsings about this and that. Please come by often...one lump or two? Now our precious Hunny Bunny is also an angel cat...please let me be your hostess at the cozy cottage...my name is Miss Hope.

Remember...only in our tomorrows will we realize what we had in our yesterdays.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

~~ALICAT, Our Time is Now~~

my fur is downy and snuggle soft for you ALICAT:)

~~~our roads have met and I am so happy I made the trip into your life~~~

many things have happened in my long life, some good, some bad and some very heartbreaking. When I found my forever mommy & daddy, my life began anew. Now my life is complete since I can lose myself in the love of my wonderful mancat ALI. How can it be that he chose me? I am not quite myself these days, still in a daze of sadness and happiness. Time will help sort out the confused feelings I am sure. My blissful respite are the hours when I can be here with all of you, and connect to souls who can see between the layers of this world.

I pray for every cat to have a wonderful day with little pain, lots of snackies, cuddles and very few tears.
Love your girl Peach >(^,^)<


Ali & Fiona said...

I choose you because you a wonderful ladycat with so many great qualities besides the fact you are beautiful inside & out! To answer your question: I do like to dance but I love to sing, I sing all the time. I can be your Cat Sinatra.

Love Always,

Daisy said...

What a sweet thing you wrote for Ali. That is a great close up of your curly furs. Your furs remind me a lot of Pixie's - very loose soft waves.

Anonymous said...

Dear Miss Peach, I love what you wrote for Ali. You are such a sweetheart and such a loving and gentle spirit *smile*. And my, what beautiful, curly fur you have!

Love, purrs, and snuggles from Marilyn.

Oscar the Puppy Cat said...

Oh my goodness, you look so soft! I would just love to cuddle you!

Hello kiddo. This is my absolute favorite picture of you! I am going to save it and use it on my blog in the future! You are so beautiful, my Daughter! You post to Ali is so nice, he's a very lucky Man Cat!

I love you very much,

LZ said...

Your fur looks like wool! I bet its really snuggly. HOw great of you to write that for Ali.


Tara said...

What a sweetie you are! And such a lovely sentiment!


Dragonheart, Merlin, Devi, and Chloe said...

Miss Peach, you are a beautiful cat, so I'm not surprised at all that Ali chose you! If I were a little older, I would have chosen you myself! *blush* I love your curly fur - it is gorgeous. :)