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Friday, February 20, 2009


Every bride dreams about her special day from the moment she can remember seeing her big sisters off in their pretty prom gowns. Being an elegant cat, I am no different. I must make a list so I can give my Mickey the purrrfect wedding. ~Wonderful Things To Do~
1) Wedding date:
2) Wedding place:
3) Wedding dress
4) Brides shoes
5) Purse & jewelry
6) Veil
7) Ring pillow
8) Brides bouquet
9) Bridesmaids selections~I need eight!
10) Maids of Honor~I need four!
11) Matron of Honor selection (and all of their dresses, bouquets, shoes, jewelry and gifts.)
12) Wedding cake
13) Menu planing and Wine selection
14) Grooms tuxedo
15) Groomsman selections
16) Grooms mans tuxedo's
17) Grooms mans gifts
18) Buttoniers
19) Wedding invitations
20) Bagpiper
21) Glenn Miller Big Band
22) Select wedding colors
23) Wedding favors
24) Photographer
25) Flower girl
26) Ring bearer
27) Honeymoon destination!!
OK that is a very good start...over the next few weeks I will keep you up to date on the selections made. As I want a very big wedding, I will be coming by ask many of you to be a part of the bridal party. Now I need to take a nap on the Motorola and see if I forgot anything. Can any of you help me think of what I might have left out? I do want this wedding to my dearest Mickey to be the event of the season...


Stellaluna said...

Wow Miss Peach, you've thinking about many things! I can't wait to be on your wedding!

michico*Adan said...

Oah Dear Miss Peach~!
Those are many many things has to be think, I think you are as busy as like Michico right now~~~~
Her wedding Will be on May 16 and she is just busy like a bee~~~

I will be one of Mickey's best mancat, hee hee~~ I am very very honored ~!
Can't wait for the Big day of you and Mickey~!!!

Big hugs~!

Angel said...

Miss Peach, you have a lot to do before the big day!

Parker said...

How exciting!
This is going to be such a great event - I'm so thrilled for you and Mickey!

Daisy said...

Don't work too hard! Mainly, this is a day for you to enjoy and be surrounded by love.

meemsnyc said...

Ooooh a wedding. How exciting!

Lorianna said...

Oh, I just cannot wait! Something lovely and happy and wonderful to look forward to! This will be so fun Miss Peach! I just know you will be a beautiful bride and Mickey will be a dashing groom. Will it be a spring wedding? Mommy Karla must be so excited. :)
You are a good helper for her in the kitchen. My kitties like to snoopervise too.
Have a happy day dear ones.
Love and Hugs,

Mrs.B said...

How about a new dress for the mother of the bride? Maybe something dashing for Lapdaddy, too.


Anonymous said...

My your going to be busy.I know you'll have a lovely wedding your a very sweet couple.

Alexi said...

I would be most honored to be either a bridesmaid or a Matron of Honor ( i have been a Mrs. and a momma). I look esp good in emerald green !! Mombean's bridesmaids and honor attendants wore emerald/ hunter green dresses- very nice!

I will ask the other girls at the Castle about being bridesmaids if you would like me to.

Molly's little boy would make a cute ring bearer!

Derby said...


Sweet Praline said...

This is very exciting. Miss Peach, you sure are organized.

Sir Wodstock said...

Dear Aunt Peach!

Mother & I are both so excited for you.
AND, impressed with your carefully thought out list.

Much love from us both,

Alexi said...

Oh, Miss Peach (soon to be Mrs. Peach), thank you! I'm furry excited and honored to be asked to be a bridesmaid. All of us here at the Castle stand by to assist in any way we can and we are all so happy for you and Mickey. We are soon to be getting a Nebelung kitty from Nova Scotia! The kittens, depending upon the date you set, will be ready to tellyport to the wedding if you wish them there. Much love to you and Mickey,
Yours, Alexi

guild-rez said...

Miss Paech,
you surprised me..you are planning a wedding??
Who is the groom..
Any way kepp me posted, perhaps I'll come if I am invited.
What's on the menu?
- Cheers Max
El Presidente II

Princess said...

Every bride plans these things so early in life, and now it is really going to happen. This will be the most beautiful wedding ever!
I love the photos today, so sweet. The first of girls gathering together and talking about lovely things. the second, a very loyal loving mancat!
purrrs for a happy week-end

pughy said...

Oh my oh my a wedding I love weddings. Congratulations.You have so much to do as well. Cant wait to see all the photo's.
Hugs Ginger Jasper. xx

Anonymous said...

Oh, my darling sister Peachy! I am filled with joy for you and Mickey. What a lucky ladycat you are, to be marrying your true love, and I know the two of you will be happy together forevermore.

And thank you from the bottom of my heart for asking me to be one of your Maids of Honor! I would be so happy and honored to stand with you as you join your heart to your Mickey's! I am so happy for you, darling!

With all my love and floofysistersnuggles,

Your Adoring Marilyn.

Mickey,Georgia , Tillie said...

Good Evening Sunshine !!!!!!
Mom and I have been having some quality time together :)
Actually, she was pretty tired last night and was too lazy to help me post so we snuggled instead :)
It looks like you are getting organized!! That is good ,as I just know you are so good at these things!!
I have asked Adan to be my Best Mancat and he said yes!!!!
It is so wonderful that all our friends feel so happy for us :)
I love you so much, I will go along with anything your heart desires!!!!!!
Hmmmmmm, groomsmancats!!!!! Must get busy,heehee
Purrs,Moonshine MIckey

The Dutchess said...

Dearest Miss Peach
It is with great honour and pride that I accept you invitation to be your Flowergirl at you wedding in Springtime. You made me so very happy and exited. I will bring with me all the happy Flowers I can possibly carry,and I will wear a little pink dress..if you agree that is..
Oh.. so much to do..Are there going to be many Cats..yes ofcourse there will be silly me..Will it be safe for a little moussie ..not that I'm afraid...just a bit nervous!
Your happy little friend Miss Moussie

p.s if there is anything I can do for you ..please let me know..I can bake great cakes..

The Cat Realm said...

Miss Peach, this is so lovely to have another great big wedding in the Cat Blogosphere! We are so happy for you, and we can hardly wait for the big day - we know it will be the most WONDERFUL event!!!!

The Crew said...

We were so happy when we heard the news about you & Mickey. We just know it will be the wedding of the season!

Anonymous said...

Miss Peach, they certainly is lots and lots to do.. let alone all the little inciDENTALs.. I do not know why teefs haves anything to do with weddings, but thats what momma says...
Ohh this is just going to be the wedding of the decade I knows it in my bones! :)