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Remember...only in our tomorrows will we realize what we had in our yesterdays.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Today Auntie Deb arrives in Texas and will stay with KC and ML for a few days! I am brewing up my very best pot of Christmas tea and sending it to her with the filigree fairy...a cuppa to warm and cheer! I have missed her so very much while she has been on blogovacation because of her painful back and leg. She has not been able to leave her bed and the Taylor Cats have been taking good care of her!
These colorful Happy roses from Holland should brighten up her day! I know she has missed being able to see all of us too!


This is me singing "I'll Waltz Across Texas". Hope I do not meow off key too much.


Junior said...

This is a very nice post for Auntie Deb. We will join you in song!

Poetikat said...

Hi Miss Peach! Hope Auntie Deb has a grrrreat time in Texas. We knowz that "yellow rose" song, but not the waltzy one.

Miss P, We gots a award thingy fur you at our bloggy.

Stop in and say hello and pick it up.


The Hyggecats

Poetikat said...

P.S. Duz she haz the inturnet in Texas?


Princess said...

Hello MissPeachykins, It is snowing a little bit on your bloggie.
I hope you have a delightful day. Love always Prinniecurliepuff <3

MaoMao said...

What a sweet postie fur Auntie Deb! And we Ballicai love yur sunset photos, too. They are beeyootiful!

Thankies so much for helpin to make Marilyn's Gotcha Day so speshul! And we Ballicai have gotta apologize fur not bein around too much, Momma's been so dang buzzy and we're startin to think we oughta get us a new secretary! hehe But we will be around the Bloggiesphere as much as we can, and you are always family and loved by us.

Kittyhugs and purrs and lots of love to you, Miss Peachy Pie!

Anonymous said...

My darling, sweet sister -- thank you with all my heart for helping make my Gotcha Day so special. And I'm so sorry I haven't been around as much -- Mom continues to be very busy and she's just not much good as a secretary these days! But know that you are always in my heart and that you are cherished family. You are loved by me and by all of us Ballicai!

Much love and floofysistersnuggles and warm purrs from Your Adoring Marilyn!

Cafe Cats said...

That's a beauuuutiful posty for Auntie Deb. We are looking forward to meeting her when she can bloggie again.

Lorianna said...

Hi Peachy and Mommy Karla! what a sweet post for Auntie Deb. I sure hope she stops feeling so hurty.
Mommy Karla, I just love your sunset pictures. They are gorgeous! They look like something Thomas Kincaid himself would paint. Thank you for the e-mail and the video. It cheered me so. I am starting to feel a bit better, just very tired. I take that awful new medicine again tomorrow and if it makes me ill again, I will have to try something different. That or wait for my body to get used to it maybe. I think my reaction to the flu shot is due to my immune system. I just take advantage of the better days to say hello to my friends. :)
The little snowflakes falling on your bloggie are so cute!
I hope as evening approaches you are all warm and snuggly in your sweet little cottage.
Sending Love and Hugs,

Cheysuli and gemini said...

Wow. How very exciting for Deb. I bet she will love all your good wishes. I know I would.

Anonymous said...

That is a lovely post for Auntie Deb... Excuse me while I go and wipe off all the drool Momma has made on the desk over all your pictures today! :))


Shadow / Molly said...

We hopes Deb can certainly feel better after her visit in Texas!

Mickey said...

Good Evening Sunshine !!!!! <3
I hope everything goes well for Auntie Deb and that she can feel better!!!Especially if she can be well before Christmas. I love your tea fairy!!!
You are such a thoughtful kitty :) No wonder I love you!!!
Purrs Moonshine

Sweet Praline said...

I hope Auntie Deb has a good trip to Texas.

Miss Peach - it's snowing on your blog!!!

Jan's Funny Farm said...

We miss Auntie Deb too.

The Cat Realm said...

Hopefully Auntie Deb will have a great time and soon return to the blogging thing!
Happy belated birthday to your human! Our maid had her birthday yesterday but we didn't celebrate because we still have Karl and Ruis birthday trip up!

China Cat said...

What a nice post you made for Auntie Deb! Willow and I hope that she feels better soon.

Purrrrrrs, China Cat

Camie's Kitties said...

We have missed Auntie Deb so much. We hope the new surgery helps her so she can get back on her feet.

Tavi, Cody, Camie and Miss Jade

Isis said...

I knew Mummy knew that painter you were talking about the other day Miss Peach. Yesterday when she was at the Mall she saw a shop with his name on it! It's a small world for sure...

Oh and I shall purr for your Auntie Deb too while I'm snuggling Mummy and purring that her shoulder feels better after this latest bout of cortisone!