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Remember...only in our tomorrows will we realize what we had in our yesterdays.

Saturday, November 8, 2008


Today I would like to introduce you to a little bit of fur. She lives in a shelter in Cape Cod. I first wrote about her family here. My friend Anita wrote me, "This is the smallest of the kittens we have been hand feeding. Let me tell you, she thinks she is the biggest cat in the world!! She will not let the big boys get anything over on her and she was the first one to eat from a plate. She only weighs 8 ozs. and she may not be the prettiest kitten but she has stolen everyone's heart. I'm not sure of the reason, but her name is Leslie Gore." I think she is beautiful because all kittens are! Sometimes one has to look with the eyes of one's heart....
what do you think?


Cat with a garden said...

What a handful of kitty! She'll be even more gorgeous when she grows up.
Purrs, Siena

Anonymous said...

I think she is extra beautiful, coz I woz a kitty like her.
hat is why Momma and dadda named me as they did.
My Auntie and Uncle think that my furr Momma may have mated twice and I might have been like an accidental extra from the 2nd mating or something. I woz just such a little sickly boy they almost lost me many times coz I woz too little to be borned, but look at me now! hehe
Victorious Light.. hhee Victor Lucien ;)
Oh man sorreh I was reminiscing, she is just very very gorgeous and I bet a little fighter :)


Anita said...

Miss Peach, You will be happy to know that our sweet Leslie now weighs one pound three ozs. and just keeps growing. She is full of energy and loves to play tag with her brothers. I have no doubts that she will grow up to be a beautiful strong cat with lots of personality. Thank-you so much for telling her story.


Alasandra said...

We think she is adorable. We have to hide her picture from Mommy cause she would want to bring her home.

Her catitude reminds us of Scylla. When we were just 6 weeks old Scylla took Socks' food away from him and he is a full grown mancat. And you want to know something really funny, Scylla wouldn't touch the dry kitten food Mommy bought for us but she ate Socks' adult dry cat food all gone. Mommy was very annoyed with her.

~Socks, Scylla & Charybdis

Mickey said...

Good Morning Sunshine!!!!! <3
Oh wow!!! That IS a pretty kitty and one with cattitude too :)
Mom likes her name.She remembers Leslie Gore from a bazillion years ago!!!Maybe this little kitty is like the song "You Don't Own Me",heehee
I bet little kitty would not let anycat tell her what to do!!!! She will be the pick of the litter ;)
Finding time this weekend for a snuggle sounds like a fabulous idea!!!
Purrs Moonshine

Junior said...

She is a little cutie!!!!!

Miss Peach, I was a bad boy. I peed on Meowms bed again. Boy did by bootie get a spanking.


Luna said...

Thats a sweet handful kitten. She is so beautiful!
I love kitten and I never can resist by those picture. But 3 is enough.

Happy weekend!

hugs and purrs
Stefanie and Luna

Daisy said...

I think she is very adorable!

Cheysuli and gemini said...

She is adorable!

Asta said...

I think she is vewy bootiful..I wish I could have a kitten..I hope vewy hawd that she gets a loving wondewful home..
smoochie kisses

Shaggy, Scooby and Scout said...

She's gorgeous!!!

Chesney Cats said...

We think she is beautiful!! That's how Emma acted with us....she didn't realize that she was a tiny little kitten & that we were big mancats. She's been bossing us around ever since!

Hugs & Purrs,
Sammy, Festus & Emma

BeadedTail said...

I think she is an absolutely precious little kitten!

ML said...

I think she is beautiful. She must be part tortie, and have some of that tough a#s tortie attitude.

Margaret Cloud said...

My she is small, the hands look twice as big as her, I think you are so cute and also hope you get a good home when a little bit bigger.