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Monday, September 15, 2008


PIXIE our beautiful banana Queen has gone to the rainbow bridge. She had such a special place in my mommies heart. You see, my brother Henry went to the rainbow bridge on his 3rd birthday from the same broken heart that Pixie had. Pixie had eyes like Henry and the same gray furs. Now they will play together, young, fresh and free. Henry loved ice creme and cherries, I bet they are sharing a banana split up on the clouds! I will miss you sweet girl...


I once wrote a poem for Pixie...

What is this yellow thing upon my table?
You expect me to eat this?
Sorry....I am just not able!
Please don't follow me with it to my chair...
Look out! You are smearing it in my hair!!
Though it looks real pretty,
And it does smell kind of sweet...
Send it to my sweet furrrend Miss Pixie,
Cuz it's not something I will ever eat!


michico*Adan said...

We are all gonna missing her for always!

topcatrules said...

We are so sad and so sorry for Daisy's family. Our beloved Persia, the siamese that came before, has been gone for two years this month, from heart problems, aged seven.

So we understand and are very sorry.

Anonymous said...

Pixie will be missed by so many of us. What a cute poem you wrote, Miss Peach. We do not care for bananers, either, but we hope Pixie has her own Bananer Tree now!

Cats said...

Pixie was a very sweet kitty ~ we are all going to miss her ~ thanks for this beautiful post Miss Peach ~ you are such a caring kitty :)

Ramses said...

I just love the thought that Pixie and your brother are sharing a banana split in heaven! :) Isis cousin Vinny also died from a broken heart like that and at a little over 3 yrs old, if he's like Isis he'll be after the cream and ice cream that's for sure! ;)

It's sad to see friends go over the bridge, but they live forever in our hearts!


Mickey said...

Good Morning Sunshine !!!!! <3
That is a lovely tribute to sweet Pixie :)
She will have so many wonderful friends to greet her at the Bridge.
We are all lucky,and richer for having known her.
Come on over to my little sanctuary. It is a nice safe place :)
Purrs & Headbutts,Mickey

The Taylor CatSSSSS said...

Hello our Sweet Miss Peach. That was a lovely poem for Pixie. Your blog is also a fitting tribute. We know that you are feeling sad, but Pixie is running about Rainbow Bridge and eating all the bananas she wants!!!

We are thinking of you!

Shadow / Molly said...

Miss Peach that is a lovely poem for Pixie!

(((HUGS))) we feel like hugging all our friends today!

Princess said...

I am so sad that Pixie went away. I know she is happy though. she is healthy and bouncy with Stormiekins and Caesar.

I doo not eat bananas either
purrrrs to you sisterpuff

Eduardo said...

I'm sorry your sweet Pixie is gone. Me & Mommy have well wishes for the family. I did like your poem.
Hugs & Snugs
Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle

Daisy said...

Oh, Miss Peach, that was so beautiful. Your poem made me laugh and cry at the same time. I think every time I cry, my heart heals a little bit. I am certain that Pixie is sharing a bananer-split with Henry. Thank you so much for your kindness and thoughtfulness.

Black Cat said...

I feel so sad that Pixie had to leave but I know she will be happy and healthy at the Bridge. Your tribute to her is lovely. I love the poem:) xxx

Junior said...

That is a lovely blingee you made, and a very cute poem!

Anonymous said...

We are all very sad about Pixie. We do not like bananas either but Mom said she will eat one for Pixie.

Cheysuli and gemini said...

That is a very sweet tribute to Pixie Miss Peach. You always do the nicest posts for our friends.

Lorianna said...

Oh No! I didn't know about Pixie going to the Bridge. Oh, this is so sad for her Mommie and Daisy. I will go over right away to visit their blog.
Your poem for Pixie is so sweet Miss Peach. I hope you are feeling completely better.
Sending you and Mommy Karla lots of Love and Hugs,

Isis said...

It is very sad news about Pixie, she certainly was a sweet girlycat - well you'd have to be sweet if you ate bananas all the time like she did! ;) I bet Daisy needs a cuddle as much as I need a belly rub, in other words lots and lots!


Felix, Garfield & Jawsy said...

That is a lovely tribute to a equally wonderful Pixie, Miss Peach. We will always remember her.
We hope you are feeling better with the medications and do remember to towel dry after ur 'bath'. :)
Hugs and Purrs,