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Remember...only in our tomorrows will we realize what we had in our yesterdays.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

conCATulations dearest MARILYN...this is your day!!!


Dearest sister, today you think back on that cold December day when you found your way to the steps of your mommies home. How fortunate you both were that one chilly day...love melted your hearts like marshmallows in hot cocoa. Now you are in your furever home with such wonderfur Ballicus brothers and sisters. You inspire your mommy in her work and have the most romantic love abloom in the cat Blogosphere with your mancat Mickey. We all look up to you dear...this is your day....PARTY...CELEBRATE...and rejoice in the good fortune.
I will be over as soon as I adjust my Vera Wangcat gown and fix my furs and tiara! Mickey will escort me and help me carry the sushi platter...
Oh and I hope you like my blueness today...just for you, a bright and cheery color for a beautiful memorable day!!


Dragonheart said...

Fabulous gown, Miss Peach! You look absolutely beautiful, my dear sister. :)

Ramses said...

Wow you sure look good Miss Peach, as does that sushi! :)


michico*Adan said...

Oah Miss Peach,

This is very very beautiful of you~!!!! Nice fashion style~!!!!!!! Just love it~!

I bet Marilyn feeling very touched~!!!!! And she must giggle for hundred times!!!!

Good day to you~!
Hugs, Purr,

Mickey said...

WOW!!!!! I lofgrtku@^, JustWOW!!!
Ahem!!!! WOW! Shunshine,you look BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!
I think we will have a wonderful time celebrating Marilyn's Gotcha day.She is such a sweet cat!!
I am the luckiest Mancat!! I have a beautiful ladycat ! WooHoo!!
See you soon Sunshine :)
Mickey(who needs to calm down)

Ghost said...

Miss Peach - you look lovely. I don't think we have your email but mine is mia_and_ghost.(at).yahoo.com (replace at with symbol). I'm thrilled about the braclet & earrings. Mom is planning on giving it to her neice for Christmas.

Ghost said...

Mom can't type - there shouldn't be a . between ghost & the @

Caesar and Princess said...

Happy saturday MissPeachie.
This is a very cute entry today.
Nemo looks yummy.

Maggy & Zoey said...

Oooh Miss Peach, Zoey is so so so jealous of your tres chic gown and jewels, how deliciously elegant you look. (we are ashamed to say that Maggy doesn't care much... ah well, her loss!) Enjoy the party, party girl!

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Oh my, what a lovely gown! See you there, can't wait to give you a hug.

Cheysuli and gemini said...

You look fabulous Miss Peach. Wow.

Anonymous said...

Oh, my precious sister! You look absolutely stunning and gorgeous in your gown. And what delicious-looking sushi! Thank you so much, dear heart -- you are such a blessing in my life. It's so hard to believe it's been a whole year, but in that year so many wonderful things have happened -- a forever home, love with my Mickeybear, and precious and adored family and friends like you, sweet sister -- truly, I'm blessed!

I love the blue on your bloggie! So bright and cheery, as are you, sweetie!

Much love and sistersnuggles and warm and happy and thankful purrs from your adoring Marilyn.

Jimmy Joe said...

Wow, Miss Peach, you sure know how to dress up for a party! And you're so sophisticated, bringing sushi.
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe

Daisy said...

That sushi looks funny! And you look fabulous in that wonderful designer gown.

Christine and FAZ said...

What a nice tribute to Marilyn and ... Miss Peach ... love the dress.


Chase said...

Oooh Sushi! By the way, someone put not very nice things on a webpage about me and my mom is really sad. But check my Catvent Calendar out. I just started it (:

Parker said...

Miss Peach, you are breath-taking!

Sassy Cat said...

Wow, do ya look so nice. Sorry I must have missed ya at the party. What a wonderful dish you prepared for Marilyn, what a great sissy are ya.

Benjamin Fuzz said...

peach, you are so beautiful in your vera wangcat gown. your furs and tiara are perfect.

we'll see you at marilyn's party. we're going right now.

Mickey said...

Hello Sunshine,I was a bit busy .
I hope you are ready to go back to the party! )

I have a pic of us, but it is not the best. I thuink the photographer was overcome with your beauty!!

Anonymous said...

You look so gorgeous in that gown, Miss Peach!! WOW!

I was only for a few hours at Marilyn's party, I am sooooo busy with CCSI -- I am neglecting my friends... :'(

But I hope you're in the next CCSI show, you don't have to do audition.

BIG (((hug))) and purrs

Tiger Lily said...

Hi Miss Peach! I love that gown!! Just don't ask Mom to put it on me, OK? The sushi looks yummy!