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Remember...only in our tomorrows will we realize what we had in our yesterdays.

Saturday, February 4, 2012


This has been the hardest few days for me...the heartache is almost unbearable.  Thank you all so very much for your kind comments and personal emails.  I asked Diana what I could do to prepare Lena for her journey back home...this is what she said below.  I think she is an amazing lady who loves her cats more than anything else and has a heart for those who's hearts are breaking.

"Talk to Lena and explain to her why she is not going to be living with you any longer. Tell her she is wonderful and lovable and I am working hard to find a kind loving home for her. And I will succeed.  She needs to know that her needs are not going to be met at your home. And that you are sad because of that, you really wanted it to work. And that it is ok that this is not working out. And bless her and send her on her way. And then forgive yourself.  She will recuperate. She will survive and she will thrive in a new environment."

We will be taking a short blogging break next week while we try comfort our broken hearts...there are three kitty shaped holes in them over the last six months.  One shaped like Miss Peach, one like little Boo Boo Kitty and one like Lena...we are grateful that we have Hunny Bunny.  She is a sweet quiet soul of a comfort...we thank you for loving us and sending your prayers to the cozy cottage until we return...


Sparkle said...

I am sure Lena will be fine. She is young, and youngsters are resilient. I am purring lots for you though, because you are not so young! So take a break and let your heart heal. You will miss her lots, but like I said yesterday, there is no fault. I know you did your best, as did Lena. But there is another home waiting for her, and someday in the not too distant future, there is a kitty who is waiting for the right moment to come home to you.

Poppy Q said...

What a lovely kind breeder Diana is, and we know that she will work hard to find Miss Lena a new furrever home.

I know a little of how you feel. After my sweetie Puss died, I waited 4 months, and then invited Miss Poppy into my home. Then I wondered what I had done, having a kitten is hard hard work. Now of course I wouldn't be without her.

Take care in the cosy cottage, and rest your kind sweet hearts.

Julie and Poppy Q

Angel Ginger Jasper said...

Please take some time and dont blame yourselves in any way. It was not meant to be and you tried so hard. lena will get a home that suits her and she will be happy. I am so sure that lena understood when you told her. I send much love for your ailing hearts.. HUgs GJ xx

Shaggy and Scout said...

We are sorry about whatever the situation is that made you have to return her. She is beautiful and elegant and will find the perfect home soon. xxxooo

Jans Funny Farm said...

Yes, she is a very wise woman. We think she gave that advice more for you than for Lena because you needed to hear it too. We understand the need for a blogging break and hope your hearts begin to mend.

Angel, Kirby and Max said...

You have made a hard decision but it is for the best for you and Lena. WE will miss her, too. Give Hunny Bunny some extra love while you take your break.

Gemini and Ichiro said...

It is hard at first to change homes but kitties get over it quickly. We don't judge (and you too should not judge yourself for not being able to be perfect for every cat) I think she is going to have a heart filled with joy when she finds the perfect fit--and have all her needs met in ways she didn't even dream of. We know that there is a perfect cat to take the pain out of those cat shaped holes in your heart too.

Unknown said...

Lena will find the perfect Lena home. Me knows it! Me feels it in my heart. Yous still loves her and did what is bestest.
Remember that we loves yous too and we knows that taking a break will help. And remember we are here and will welcomes yous into our homes with live

Jacqueline said...

We are sorry to hear this, but know everything will work out for the best for all of you and Lena will go on to have a wonderful life...We hope another kitty finds it's way into your cozy cottage and hearts again soon=we know you both have so much love to give...Big hugs...J, Calle, Halle, Sukki

Rosemary B❤️ said...

good to take a break and settle what is in your head and heart.
Lena is a beautiful girl, such a lovely flower, she will be okay.
Sometimes it just does not work out, we know.
It has been an adventure with some good things.
Best wishes to Lenaflower. she is just such a beauty. Perhaps she needs to be an only child?
We are certainly praying for you. Count on that. We love you
bonks and hugs to you and Dennis and Missie Hunny

Roberta said...

Your heart will mend again, Karla. It's so huge and holds a lot of special kitties there. I loved what Diana told you to say to Miss Lena. It brought tears to my eyes and Lena understood every word you were telling her. Even though you had Lena for a short time, we all came to love her as you did.

Angel Prancer Pie said...

((Hugs)) and purrs.

Laura and Taffeta Rose said...

We will all miss Lena, but know that Diana will find her a loving home that will fit her better. Give those holes plenty of time to heal; cuddle the kitties you have to fill them with love.

Karen said...

I am sure lena will be fine. Sending hugs your way

Lorraine said...

Lena is so beautiful and so are your broken hearts at the cottage. Diana is so cat wise. Try to think of this as a foster situation. You had Lena for a short amount of time, fostered her with love, attention, comfort and good food and now she is ready for her furever home.

I am glad you are taking a trip to ease your pain and I hope that you will come home refreshed and happy knowing that Hunny Bunny is there to be the fur purrson to fill your days with purrs and warm comfort.

Hugs, pets and purrs and special healing hugs to you and Dennis,

Harry Spotter said...

I am so sorry this happened. Lena is gorgeous. This is heart breaking for all of you. I have 3 Sphynx and as you know Daisie was a rescue. It wasn't easy she came from a loving home and was well taken care of but she needed a more quieter home. So, we took her and it wasn't easy at first to make the adjustment but she eventually did. I kmow Lena will be make the adjustment too at her new home. I am just so sorry this didn't work for everyone. It's heart breaking. I am so sorry.

Rene said...

Lena is a young girl and will adjust to another home. Sometimes, things just aren't meant to be. You can take comfort in that she will find another home meant for her. Continued hugs.

Luna und Luzie said...

Dear Karla,

I´m so sorry to read about your decision.
Surely it is the best for you and for Lena!
Also we are sure Diana will find a good forever home soon.

Mehr fällt mir auf Englisch nicht ein, nur nocht eins:
Es muss schon passen !!
Big hugs
♥liche Grüße

Angel Junior, Orion and Sammy said...

Hang in there. You did the right thing and we know Lena will be fine. Sending you lots of kitty kisses and purrs.

We love LUNA said...

Dear friends,
Lena is an adorable girl, a princess and I'm sure she will be fine!
I'm sending love and purrs to you all

Asta said...

deewest ones at the cozy cottage
Pleez don't be sad, Miss Lena will find a puwwfect home and you have done youw best and love hew and she knows that..let Miss hunny bunny and angel Miss Peach comfowt youw sad heawts and know we love you and awe sending ouw hugs to hold you tight and help heal
smoochie kisses