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Friday, April 29, 2011


A royal love story...




with this ring

I thee wed

thank you my dear friend Jasper Ginger for sharing your royal wedding celebration with the world...I was proud to be your special guest...the Devon clotted creme fudge sweets you sent us today are so wonderful, a melt in your mouth taste of England. We congratulate your country on this happy electric event. We love the bride's dress...it is a beautiful Grace Kelly style gown and demure bouquet of lily of the valley


Kea said...

The mom got to see Kate walk down the aisle to join William, before she had to leave for work. A truly gorgeous dress, simple and elegant. She watched the exchange of vows in rerun on the BBC web site. :-)

Now we're just waiting for the balcony greeting!

-Fuzzy Tales

Jeanie Callaghan said...

I so hope Misses Peach enjoyed it. I know I did. What a gorgeous, timeless dress! I hope they are happy.

Hannah and Lucy said...

We are so pleased you enjoyed the royal wedding - we think Princess Di would have been looking down with pride at her two sons and know she would have loved Kate.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

Angel and Kirby said...

Misses Peach, you had front row seats!

Cezar and Léia said...

Oh Misses Peach, thanks so much for this post. My mommy had classes and she couldn't see the celebration.
It's so romantic, isn't it!
All love and purrs for this lovely couple!
purrs and happy weekend
Luna and mommy Léia

Ann Dziemianowicz said...

Misses Peach it looks like you got an invitation to the royal wedding!

Sally said...

D watched the wedding too! Then she went shopping - what a perfect day!!

Looks like you had a front row seat!

Sally and Paddy

Shaggy, Scooby and Scout said...

It was very beautiful wasn't it Peachy!
We loved her dress, but just think what one kitty claw could do to it if it got caught in that handmade lace....!

Tina T-P said...

I thought it was a very romantic wedding - I heard the vows on the radio that morning and they made me cry :-) How pretty she looked - I thought her dress was beautiful too. I liked seeing your pictures of the wedding. T.