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Friday, February 11, 2011


Hi everyone! Today I have something interesting to show you. My Lapdaddy was in a TV commercial. We wanted to show it to you so you could hear his cool accent. He is from Ireland don't ya know! Maybe he will become famouse now and Hollywood will call before they call for Hunny Bunny...


Sparkle said...

Misses Peach, that is SO cool! I thought he did a great job!!!

Luna and Luzie said...

Oohh, this is so exciting!
He is good in playing a priest !
We can really see how much fun he had.
Will he do it quite often?
Greetings to Dennis!

purrs and hugs
Stefanie and the Mietzekatzen

AFSocksScylla said...

We loves your lap Daddy's accent.

Mrs.B said...

How VERY COOL!! Way to go, Lapdaddy.

Kea said...

Miss Peach, that's VERY cool! Congrats to your Lapdaddy!

Hannah and Lucy said...

Wow - can we have his autograph please Misses Peach.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Oh, we bet yoo love to hear yoor Lapdaddy talk to yoo...we bet he calls yoo all kinda sweet names!

Cheysuli and gemini said...

How very cool for your LapDaddy!

Michelle said...

Now how cool is THAT, Misses Peach?!? Now your LapMommy is probably all swoony over him. ;-)

Shaggy, Scooby and Scout said...

A star is born!!!
Love his accent!

Roberta said...

A star is born. How exciting that Lapdaddy was in a commercial. He did a great job. Loved his Irish accent.

Anonymous said...

How neat!! Wow, he really is good in in this commercial. I like his calming voice!--He would also make a good "Santa" acting in another commercial!- I bet this will lead to even more acting jobs! Congrats!- Your lapdaddy was already a star, now the whole t.v world can see! I think Misses Peach should star with him in one also!--xo-Valery

Jan's Funny Farm said...

That is neat. Don't blame you for being proud of him and posting it. He did a good job.

Mickey,Georgia , Tillie said...

Good Evening Sunshine !!!!!
My dear, how wonderful if was to hear Lapdaddy in a commercial !!!!!
His voice is so very soft and friendly :) Now, he is famous!!!!!!!!!!
Take care my sweet and stay warm.
Hugs & Kisses,Moonshine

Angel and Kirby said...

How fun! Your LapDaddy is very talented!

We love LUNA said...

oh sweetie,
Your lapdaddy is so adorable and I'm curious about his accent!
all love and good energies for you both!

Oskar said...

That is pawsome and I'm in love with your header picture!

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Nubbin wiggles,