Welcome to the COZY COTTAGE. This is the furever home of the memory of Miss Peach, our 18 year old Devon Rex angel kitty. I am Miss Hunny Bunny, she asked me to pour you a cuppa catmint tea as you read our old fashion mewsings about this and that. Please come by often...one lump or two? Now our precious Hunny Bunny is also an angel cat...please let me be your hostess at the cozy cottage...my name is Miss Hope.

Remember...only in our tomorrows will we realize what we had in our yesterdays.

Friday, March 26, 2010


In the laundry room...in the dryer...on the shelf... In the window and on the shadow box table....
I also sat with mommy and Lapdaddy all through their Ginger Rogers movie last night....that made them so happy. I got to sleep in some fresh kitty litter so I had the last meow after all....when you are 17 years old...you ALWAYS get the last meow...it is sort of like a senior Catizen discount!


Hansel said...

So glad you are out and about again mrs. peach!

Anonymous said...

Dear Misses Peach, I wanted to thank you for your visit of my own Blog - and of course I came back when I saw, that there are new piccies of you and your surroundings ! Besides you being an utterly elegant furry lady, I admire the shadowbox table. Something I want to "have" since long times, to display my antique embroideries so they are safe from my Tom-cat's paws and curiosity. Robby says hello, but is grumpy today... kind regards, from his tin-opener Martina

Poppy Q said...

Mom and Lapdaddy must have been pleased to get a snuggle with you Miss P. I hope you get some warm sunbeams to sleep in this weekend.

Kea said...

Yes, it's nice to see you out and about, Misses Peach! Tell your mom that's a lovely Easter wreath, by the way. :-)

curator said...

Well look at that lovely Spring blossom! And what an adorable new header you have (goodness I must not have swng by the blog in awhile!).

Luna und Luzie said...

Hello Peachielein, we are so glad to see you out of the litter room. You looks good!
Enjoy the warm sun!!!
The easteregg wreath is lovely. We have one like that in nature colors.
Have a great day!

Luna, Luzie and Olli

Amy & the house of cats said...

Hi Misses Peach! We are glad you spent some time outside your box! We bet your mom and Lappdaddy were so happy you snuggled with them too! We are sending you lots of headbutts and scritches!!

Jans Funny Farm said...

Miss Peach, we are very glad to see you out of the litter box. You are much too beautiful and elegant a senior citizen. You belong amidst the beauty of the cozy cottage.

We read the note on the CB about your LapDaddy's brother. We are so sorry for his loss. Hugs to you all!

Anonymous said...

Oh you sweet Curly~Swirly~Girlie! The picture of you in the dryer made mom LOL really loud! You are truly a doll and we love coming to see you!

Jacqueline said...

Wonderful collages Misses Peach!...We're glad to hear you got out of the litter box and hung out with your parents; it sounds like a lovely evening...Happy weekend sweetheart!...xo...Calle,Halle,Sukki

Samantha & Mom said...

Awwwww!!! What beautiful pictures of you Misses Peach!! Love your Easter Wreath, too!! Purrrs to all of you for the loss of LapDaddy's older brother!! Purrrrrrrrrrs and hugs!
Love from your TX furiends,

Hannah and Lucy said...

Hello Mrs Peach
We have been to your blog with our Mum and it is very pretty. We are pleased you enjoyed watching Ginger Rogers last night with your Lap Daddy and Mummy. We think you are a lovely lady and hope your Mummy and Daddy take care of your every little whim.
By the way why do you sleep in your litter box isn't it a bit lumpy for older bones?
Luv Hannah & Lucy

Angel Ginger Jasper said...

Beautiful beautiful pictures..Mum sends her love to your lap daddy and says so sorry... Hugs GJ xx

Everycat said...

Dear Misses Peach

We heard your Lap Daddy lost his brother, so we are dropping by with some rumbly purrs for him and to offer our condolences to your family at this sad time.

& Jane

Rosemary B❤️ said...

Hi MissiePeachie.
I am glad I am getting an oringe kit-ten because you were indeed Prinnie's sister in love, and this oringe guy has a nice color.
Mom said it was really hard to pick a kitten. She wanted to pick all of them
ha! I hope you have a super nice week-end. Here I have to help mom with house stuff and sewing, and daddy get his tax stuff together.
I hope your mom and lapdaddy are doing well.
Love Pierro bonkbonk

Angel, Kirby and Max said...

We are happy you came out and visited with Mommy and Lapdaddy.

Gracie=^o.o^= said...

I am sorry that your lapdaddy lost his brother. I know this is a sad time for him and I am sending the prayers and good thoughts his way while he is sad. Give him lots of snuggles and stay close to him. That will make him feel a little better.

Kea said...

We just heard your lapdaddy lost his brother and came to offer our condolences. We're sending purrs and universal healing Light, keeping you all in our thoughts and prayers.

Blessings and Peace.

-Kim and the Fuzzy Tales crew

Mickey's Musings said...

Good Evening Sunshine Wife !!!
My dear, you are too silly to be in the dryer,heehee. At least you are out of the dark ;)
It is fun to sit with your folks and watch movies. We do that here sometimes.I also like to watch Mom & her sister play games :)
It is sunny today,but cold :o
It will warm up Monday,but it will be rainy. Good thing I have my heaty pad!!!!

We are all very sorry to hear about your Lapdaddy's brother. Please give him hugs purrs from all of us.
Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

Lorraine said...

What a terrific collection of photos of you Ms. Peach -- you really get around when you are not lying on fresh litter! Yes, the felines in my house always have the last word too!

And what a beautiful egg wreath -- lovely, soft colors of spring.

Anonymous said...

We just love you in the dryer!