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Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Mickey and I are off to eat some corned beef and dance a few jigs...do I look Irish with my green gown and red hair? Oh what a handsome mancat I have by my side.....
Here I am looking rather out of sorts...stuffed between two of mommies Irish ATC's...

Guess what mommy did to me last night? As if having an ear infection isn't bad enough....she gave me a bath! I screamed in protest but to no avail! Even Lapdaddy had to help by bringing me a nice warm, fresh from the dryer, blanket to dry me off in. I soon fell asleep infront of the warm fireplace....and am still there.
Mommy Karla here: Yes, Miss Peach has an ear infection. Lots of wax build up plugged up deep inside and caused an infection beneath the hard wax. She shook her head like mad and scratched her ear raw, so I gave her a bath to soothe her neck and clean the ear what I could see. I also cut her nails as she had wax build up on them from all the scratching. I will keep a close eye on her until we see the Vet. I hate that my tiny girl is not feeling well. She never complains but came to sit in my lap Sunday night and began to tell me her woes... I told her all will be well in time for her big wedding day and she smiled and went to sleep in my arms.

Wishing you all a very HAPPY SAINT PATRICKS DAY! We will be watching our favorite movie THE QUIET MAN with John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara...it is our tradition!


Angel Ginger Jasper said...

Oh poor baby, I hope you are soon feeling top of the morning. Keep snuggled and warm.

Sending healing purrs your way.

Hugs GJ xx

Tigmut'hep said...

Oh Miss Peach it seems somekitty does have it worse than me for a change... I'd just hate to have a bath or an ear infection, but to have both at the same time it's just too much for anykitty!

Remember to let me know if you need anyone swatting, bopping or hissing at. I am a master of the art of telling people and other kitties off you know! ;)


Rosemary B❤️ said...

Oh missPeachie, I also have a bit of wax in my ear but the doctor cannot get it out and I am too old to be anesthetised so I have some antibiotic drops my mom puts in my ears about once a week, or so. I hope your ear gets better!
happy Snappy jiggywiggy St. Paddy's day to you sweet curlypuff
love andpurrs

Team Tabby said...

Miss Peach we so sorry to hear you has ear infection. Such a nuisance and so hurty as well. We hope today, being St. Patrick's Day, the Irish luck will come your way and you will be fine and fit very soon.

Hugs and purrs to you.
Mindy, Moe, Bono

Freya's Staff said...

oh, I do hope she's ok, and doesn't have too bad a time at the V E T!

Angel Junior, Orion and Sammy said...

Oh my goodness Miss Peach! We is purring and purring for your ear infection to go away quickly! Get plenty of rest and plenty of food. Also, plenty of snuggling with your beans and your mancat help too!

Junior, Orion and Meowm

AKM said...

Prayers for Miss Peach! Earaches are the WORST, aren't they? My Miss Jackie-Cat sends her best, too, and we'll be watching The Quiet Man tonight as well! Enjoy the day!

AKM (from TimelessBliss)

Angel, Kirby and Max said...

We are sending purrs to you , Miss Peach. Our Mom bean gets ear aches all teh time and is pulling and scratching her ears!

Parker said...

All of us here in O Hi O are keeping Miss Peach in our prayers!

Mr. Hendrix said...

purrrrrrrrrrrrrs to you sweet Miss Peach. I've suffered ear problems and they are no fun. My VET suggested putting "rescue remedy" on my ears too. It can be put in water or on the tongue but it tastes nasty to mommy had better luck rubbing it in my ears and letting it get in that way. It is very calming.

She got it at a health food store.

We are sure you'll be all fixed up in time to look stunning for your wedding!

Anonymous said...

Dear Miss Peach,

Your look so lovely in your gown and Mickey very handsome.Your such a sweet couple and I hope your ear feels better soon(hugs).Happy St.Patrick's Day.

Anonymous said...

Miss Peach me is so sorry to hear about your ear. It sounds likes your mommy is taking good cares of you. I hopes you feel much better soon. Have you seens the picture of me and Minchie my mancat? Its on my blog.

Sending healing purrs, Baby Patches

L. Alida said...

Oh my poor sweet kitty! I'm so sorry that you have an ouchie ear honey.
Mommy Karla will take the best care of you and your VET will help if you need him. how nice of Lapdaddy to get you a warm towel.
I will keep you in my prayers sweet girl. If you can, stop by tomorrow for Toeshee's one year B-day. He will save you a slice of cake.
All my Love,

Pinky Ash and Boo said...

Happy Patty's Day, you and Mickey look like your ready for a great time.

Anonymous said...

Oh Miss Peach I do hope your ear is feeling better today! Baths and ear infections are no fun at at all!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

PB 'n J said...

Oh sweet Miss Peach, the indignity of it all! But we're sure that your Mommy and LapDaddy only have you best interest at heart, you must be at your very best for your upcoming nuptials! We'll be purring for a speedy recovery.

Anonymous said...

YOu are a stunning couple Miss Peach :)))
I am so so sorry that your ear is hurty, it also makes for wobbles too.. I hope that it clears up quickly, I know that you are in the best of hands, your momma and dadda love you very much :))

Victor Tabbycat said...

We sure hope yur feelin all the way better as soon as pawsible, Ms Peach! You sure look good in dat pictor!
Haf a happy, quiet, no-ear-itchy St Patty's day!

Shaggy and Scout said...

You look mighty good in your Irish finery!
We are sorry to hear about your ear!
Hope all goes well at the vet...be a good girl with any meds they give you, ok?

Carolina Cats said...

Dear Miss Peach,

We hope you are feeling better very kwikly so that you can enjoy a wonderful St. Patrick's Day.

Lots of love & hugs & purrs,
Finnegan Buddy & Jazzy

Mickey's Musings said...

Good Evening Sunshine!!!!!!
You always look good ,no matter what you are wearing!!!! I do hope your ear will not continue to make you feel uncomfortable. If so,we can go dining and dancing later :) I want you to be well!!!!!!!
Please take care.
Hugs & Kisses,Mickey

Fat Eric said...

Oh dear, hope your ear feels better soon, Miss Peach!

Linda said...

Happy St. Patrick's Day! We're sorry you have an icky ear infection. You could put some mineral oil into your ear to help soften the wax too. Hope it heals soon.
Purrz & Licks,
Ruby, Sylvester, Scuby, Butchy & Snickers

Quill and Greyson said...

Poor Miss Peach! Hope your lovely ear is all better soon.

Alexi said...

Hope your ear will be better soon. We hope it doesn't have to be amputated. We're all sending purrs your way. Will Sammy be your wedding planner?

Katiez Furry Mewz said...

u gets ta feelin bettur... otay?

da katie katz gang

Sweet Purrfections said...

Poor Miss Peach! I hope you are doing better really soon. I'm purraying or you.

Motor Home Cats said...

Miss Peachy, we hope you feel better soon. We are so sorry that your ear is infected. We are purring that you get better soon.

Tavi, Cody, Camie, Miss Jade and Gracie

Tina T-P said...

Poor Peachy - Hope you get better soon. We don't like ear infections here on the farm. T & Sinda

Tina T-P said...

P.S. I sprayed my white bangs bright green for St. Patricks Day. A lot of the people I work with just looked at me like there was nothing different - Then they'd say "your bangs are green" - like I maybe didn't know???? Ha, ha, ha. T.

Samantha & Mom said...

Happy Belated St. Patrick's Day Miss Peach!! We hope you are feeling better and we know the Vet will be able to make you all better!
Your FL furiends,
and Maverick