Welcome to the COZY COTTAGE. This is the furever home of the memory of Miss Peach, our 18 year old Devon Rex angel kitty. I am Miss Hunny Bunny, she asked me to pour you a cuppa catmint tea as you read our old fashion mewsings about this and that. Please come by often...one lump or two? Now our precious Hunny Bunny is also an angel cat...please let me be your hostess at the cozy cottage...my name is Miss Hope.

Remember...only in our tomorrows will we realize what we had in our yesterdays.

Saturday, November 22, 2008


The cozy cottage is closed today due to excess laziness and snoozing. Please wake me for my regular meals and cover me up if I look chilly.

In the other gardens
And all up the vale,
From the autumn bonfires
See the smoke trail!
Pleasant summer over
And all the summer flowers,
The red fire blazes,
the grey smoke towers.
Sing a song of seasons!
Something bright in all,
Flowers in the summer
Fires in the fall!
~Robert Louis Stevenson~


Leslie said...

Yes, we three are just the same. One of us is on top of the fishtank because of the warmth of the heater. One is in front of the heater, and one is on mom's electric blanket. ;)

Purrs from Trixie and Tigger and little Pye.

Anonymous said...

hehe it has been that way here too Miss Peach.
Momma gets all tuckered and sleepy after reading her magazines too!
Must be coz you guys are so relaxed :))
Sweet dreams little Miss!! :)


Mickey said...

Good Morning Sunshine!!!!! <3
How sweet you look snoozing :) I will be sure to cover you up when you get cold. WE had a ton of snow last night, so maybe I will hang out at your cozy cottage :)
Hugs & Kisses,Moonshine

Lorianna said...

Oh Miss Peach, you look so snuggly. Mommy Karla has made the cottage so pretty with all of her prints.
I like that poem very much. I wish we could skip winter and just stay with fall for a bit before returning to spring.
I have narrowed my wallpaper choices to 3 and posted them. Help me decide won't you? :)
I hope today finds you happy and cozy with something fun to do. (even if it is a nap, Miss Peach) :)
Love and Hugs,

Cheysuli and gemini said...

This is like our Saturday. The Woman just did not want to get up at the right time this morning.

Helena said...

Awwwwwwww that's OK, MP. Just you keep warm and snug there!



meemsnyc said...

Ooooh we love snoozing!

Jimmy Joe said...

Oh boy, I hope you do get a nice comfy afghan if it gets chilly there, Miss Peach!
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe

The Island Cats said...

Happy napping!!!