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Remember...only in our tomorrows will we realize what we had in our yesterdays.

Sunday, February 10, 2008


This week is Valentine's day, a day of love and romance....Spring is coming soon, we need to remember that so many unwanted kittens can break hearts. (click to bigafy the photos!)

Oh Romeo Romeo, wherefore art thou not nutered yet???!
This is one of mommies rubber stamps.
Guys! Resisted that come hither look when she says, "Come on over and see me sometime!" This is mommies new ATC.

Have a Happy Cat Art Sunday and remember that there will be a wonderful
TEA PARTY for Queen Isis on Tuesday at her blog in London England! Mommy and I are busy making liver pate tea sandwiches and vanilla yogurt creme puffs. I will be serving raspberry tea. Please plan to come and enjoy some chit chat. Bring your mancats too as Ramses is holding court in the smoking room.


michico*Adan said...

These are very touching cat art~!!!Thanks for sharing~!
And after busy making sandwich, please remember to take some rest!

Daisy said...

That is some pretty art, and a very important message.

Mickey said...

Good Morning Sunshine!!
Your art this week is very cute and I feel for all the kitties needing good homes.
I understand how you feel about blogging.Sometimes life is busy and it is hard to keep things up. There are so many wonderful cats. I cannot possibly visit all of them. I think there are other cats that have the same problem. We just do what we can and not worry about the rest.
I see you really enjoyed that chocolate cake,heehee. It does look good.Yummmmmmm!
Today is a lazy day.WE do not plan to do too much. I hope you have a snuggly day too :)
See you on Tuesday!! :)
Hugs & Kisses,Moonshine <3

Princess said...

very cute kitty art.
Vanilla yoghurt creme puffies? ooh I will be there.

Boy said...

Sounds wike wots of nice things to eat!

Honey P. Sunshine said...

miss peach, i'm doing a cat art walk on my bloggie

Beezer said...

The comic made me chuckle! I liked the stamps too.

Thank you for the kind invitation to the tea party. I will surly try to attend, but I may have a business meeting then. You know how we mancats are with business. All work and no play sometimes.

Cheysuli and gemini said...

Those were very funny cat art things--with good messages!

Lorianna said...

Oh Miss Peach I really liked your cat art. Yes, it's very important to have our kitties "fixed" and if there are babies born they need to have forever homes. A tea party/ baby kitten shower sounds fun. Isis will have beautiful babies. :) Have a cozy day with Mommy Karla.
Love and Purrs,

Samantha & Tigger said...

Thanks for sharing those Cartoons with us, it is so sad to see so many cats with no one to love them! We got your Valentine card and it was lovely. Thank you so much! It is the first Valentine we have ever gotten!
A tea party sounds lovely!! We'll be there.
Your FL furiends,

Anonymous said...

My darling sister, I am so excited about the tea party for Isis! Raspberry tea and liver pate sound delightful! Such a precious young ladycat Isis is, and she will be a wonderful and beautiful Mommacat.

Your cat art is, as always, lovely... and you communicate such an important message, too, dear heart.

Stay comfy and cozy, and I hope your Mom is feeling better!

I love you dearly -- warm purrs and sistersnuggles from your adoring Marilyn!

The Cat Realm said...

Tea party on Tuesday! We almost missed that.... Very funny Cat Art!