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Remember...only in our tomorrows will we realize what we had in our yesterdays.

Saturday, January 5, 2008


Today I am feeling blue... Why must our beloved kitties get sick? Please purrrr and purrrray for my dearest brother Dragonheart who has a high temperature. Many trips to the Vet have brought him some relief but these things are so unpredictable and worrisome for his mom and dad. Wishing him a complete recovery...so he can play with his new brother Merlin again soon.
I have lit my special Kitty candle with a blue light for his healing.
I am spending the day in my box with my fuzzy blue blanket covered up well to stay warm. It is very cold and windy here outside the cottage as the leaves are whipped up into the air.


Dragonheart & Merlin said...

Thank you for this wonderful post Miss Peach! I can't tell you how much I appreciate your purrayers and purrs. I am dong much better. Thank you.

michico*Adan said...

I am also worry about our Dragonheart great friend~!
Hope he is doing better and better~!

Mickey said...

Good Morning Sunshine!!!
You look soooooooooooooo sweet all bundled up in your pretty blue blankets. We are finally getting a reprieve from the biting cold.For a whole week the temperatures will be above freezing! Yay!
I checked on Dragonheart and he appears to be doing much better.It's good he is home where he will bet the best care.I am still sending him Purrs. I send you Purrs too,to make sure your health remains good :)
As the weather is getting better I may go out to the porch and enjoy some sunshine.It is enclosed now,so it's nice and warm in the sun.
Stay warm my Sweet, and enjoy uour day!
Purrs Moonshine

Poppy Q said...

Send my love to dragonheart Miss Peach. i can't read his bloggy as it locks up my computer. You is a great girl, always thinking of everycat and bean.

Curl up sweet girl and keep warm and roasty toasty.

Poppy q

The Furry Fighter said...

ise praying HARD for my buddy Dragonheart, he is so so adorable.

happy new year to you too Miss Peach xxx

Daisy said...

I am so glad that Dragonheart is feeling better. I was getting worried about him, too!

Artsy Catsy said...

Sweet Miss Peach, you look so lovely when you're all snuggly!

My mom keeps trying to post messages to partyplace, but it won't let her. She needs to tell you about mailing something to you.


Caesar and Princess said...

Happy Week-end MissPeach!
We are thrilled that DH is doing better. You look very very cute in your bloo bed!

Tyler said...

Dear Miss Peach,
Good Morning Sweetheart. I hope you're able to stay warm today. My mom's has been away from home for a couple of days and I haven't been able to visit Dragonheart. I didn't realize that he's feeling poorly. Thank you for the info, so that I too can purr for him too.

Thank you for the info. You probably know this, but it is wrapped. So you can throw away the outer packaging. If it's in a simple box, you may look inside too, if you'd like. There is suppose to be a gift message. Would you please tape it to the box or put inside, if possible?

Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

You keep warm too dear, not good if you get a cold too. Our momma has one now.

Cheysuli and gemini said...

We have been purring away for Dragonheart and it sounds like it is working and he is doing better! YEAH!

Boy said...

I do hope Dwagonheart gets well soon! Stay warm Miss Peach!

Jan said...

We've been thinking of Dragonheart too. He says he's doing better.

You look so comfortable in your bed with your little blue blanket. Stay warm!

Jan's Funny Farm

Luna said...

Hi Miss Peach and Karla,

I missed your last posts. It is too funny to read and I love your video.
Poor Dragonheart. It is so nice you make this post for him.
Today I try to crochet a blankie for the cats. We also like our cozy blue blankie, Miss Peach.
Stay warm
Purrs and hugs

Junior said...

Meowm and I are purraying for Dragonheart!

You look so warm and comfy in your blue blankets! Rightnow I am cuddled up on my Meowms coat and she put a heating pad next to me....so warm!

Eric and Flynn said...

We are glad our friend Dragonheart is improving. It is a worry when any of our friends are ill.
We said it before, but we are saying it again, we love your fuzzy blue blanket.It is so pretty.

topcatrules said...

To paraphrase our favorite poet, Robert Frost, we say to you, "Keep warm Miss Peach, keep warm."

Karl & Ruis said...

Miss Peach - check your email - we sent you something....
Karl and Ruis

The Feathered Nest said...

Oh Miss Peach ~ Chester & Thelma will be sure to send a prayer up for Dragonheart to be feeling better ~ us kitties must stick together!!!! xxoo

Sassy Cat said...

Too sad that Dragonhheart isn't feelin good, I hope he is OK. I will keep Dragonheart in my thought and headin over to pay him a visit.

Lorianna said...

I will keep Dragonheart in my thoughts and prayers too. He's such a handsome kittyboy. Poor baby.
You look wonderfully cozy in your box tucked into your blanket Miss Peach.Let's hope for an early Spring. I'm tired of shivering and my kitties curl themselves up so much I can't tell which end is their head and which end is their tail! :)
Love and Purrs,

Gretchen said...

You look so warm and cuddly, Miss Peach. I love your fuzzy blue blanket.

I'm also sorry to here that Dragonheart is so ill. I'll purr lots and lots for him.