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Remember...only in our tomorrows will we realize what we had in our yesterdays.

Saturday, December 8, 2007


Mommy found her favorite Egg Nog at the store and I insisted on having the sack she brought it home in all to myself! It really helps that it was laying on top of the heating register....as the GEICO GECKO says, "Ummm toasty!"

Here are some of the pretty things mommy got for her birthday. The pamper basket came from Cole, our sweet grandbean. The Lapdaddy designed the beautiful card with the doves on it. He is a furry romantic guy! He got that pretty Victorian beaded evening bag while they were in Alaska and had been hiding it ever since.

My friend Cindy from my CCCC group has sent me the most delightful Jacquie Lawson greeting card I have ever seen! Please come on board and explore the waters with me and I promise you will not get sea sick and there is even a little fat mouse for you to find! Absolutely enchanting! After we have arrived I want you to click at the bottom of the card where it says to learn more about the history and read this fascinating story of days gone by.


Mean people just plain SUCK! Ohhh that is not very mannerly but sometimes necessary!

Have you ever seen such funny little puddins! I wish I could hold them so bad! This was on Can I Has Cheeseburger Dec 6. Such a sweet mommy kitty. I have to share this with my friend Diana who breeds Sphynx. I saw that many of you visited and left such nice comments. I am also absolutely outraged at how callous and rude some heartless people can be!! No Santa for them ever!


Ramses said...

We'z lives near part of the Grand Union Canal here, so maybe you can drop by fur a visit in your barge?! :)


Jan said...

Yes, Miss Peach, there are a lot of mean people around, but we hope you will remember your friends love you and hopefully we outnumber those idiots.

Jan's Funny Farm

Jake and Bathsheba said...

Happy Belated Birthday to your mom, Miss Peach! We are very sorry that we missed your lovely tea party.


Daisy said...

What a pretty purse and great pampering set!

I was very angry to read those mean comments about Sphynx kitties, too.

Lorianna said...

Thank You for sharing that wonderful card. It was so pretty! The story behind the boats was so interesting too. They are so neat!
Have a warm, cozy, weekend. You look so cute in that bag. :)
Love and Kitty Hugs,

Anita said...

What a thoughtful and creative Lapdaddy you have. Please give him an extra headbutt for me.


Anonymous said...

Oh darling sister, I'm so glad that your Mommy had a wonderful birthday! And your Lapdaddy sounds like such a sweetheart *smile*.

Mom and I are enjoying the beautiful gifts you and your Mommy sent -- we thank you so much, dear heart! Give Cole a big kiss and hug from us, too!

I hate to hear that the picture of the precious little Sphynx kitties got rude comments. I agree with you, no Santa for beans like that!

That was a beautiful electronic card -- thanks for sharing it! It made Mom and I smile.

Much love and purrs and warm sistersnuggles from your adoring Marilyn.

Caesar and Princess said...

That was a very nice card your mommie got from her friend... also.. the card your romantik lapdaddy gave to your mommie is also very beeeyootiful.
...and the pressies were just perfect. I am sure your mommie will enjoy those smelly things and the little bag is delightful. Our mombean loves little bags.

Okay. We do not understand the mean thing, We could not biggafy it, but we do not like mean people either.
They make us sad because they find joy in making people's hearts hurt.
We love you. Happy December!
Enjoy preparing for Christmas!

purrrs, Princess

Blue said...

What a wonderful card!
I love the old canal boats, see quite a few on Dreamingspires waterways - always dream of taking a leisurely cruise my-self.

Gentle strokes & tickles

Benjamin Fuzz said...

so glad lapdaddy is romantical. your mommie deserves it!

Gretchen said...

I loved the story about the painted boats and your beautiful card. I had to play it twice. I really enjoyed it and you have wonderful friends, Miss Karla.


Dragonheart said...

Yes, those baby Sphynx kittens were so sweet, and their mom was so loving and caring. I couldn't believe some of the mean comments some people left. But I should be used to them by now, since I've received my share of cruel, mean comments.

Mickey said...

Sweetie,that was a wonderful card(and a great black cat,heehee)
Lapdaddy has very fine taste,I bet your Mom loved that purse.

Ojolie said...

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