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Remember...only in our tomorrows will we realize what we had in our yesterdays.

Sunday, December 16, 2007


Upon arriving at the condo, I began to check out the rain box for any leaks.
The human litter box also swirled really well!
The sink dripped in a nice cadence! Oh and that is my Grandbean Cole...he came along too because he wanted to see the magic of Leavenworth at Christmas time! Do you see my medicine there on the window shelf? Yep, she brought it along!
This is the view from our window...that is our condo below!

Cole was one happy little apple cheeked boy.
Leavenworth is one of the most enchanting small towns you can even imagine. It has one long main street called FRONT street. You can see I am standing at the beginning of it before the lights were lit. It was filled with thousands of cheerful folks but never felt crowded!
Tomorrow I will show you some of the places and things we saw and the next day I will introduce some of the new friends I met!
Oh and Miss Peach was safe back at the condo, cozy infront of the fireplace.


michico*Adan said...

Oah My Miss Peach,
You go traveling!?!??!!!!!
That is amazing~!!!!!!
Wowww........ That is really great journey~!!!! I love seeing you have so much energy~!!!!! That is perfect~!!!!!!!!

TT said...

Miss Peach those are greats pictures. I bet the fire thingy was nice and cozy to sit in front of.

Luna said...

Oh, Miss Peach, I can see that you are very interested in your Weekend home. I think you like it.
Wonderful and magical pictures with so much snow. That looks so nice!
Cole is a nice boy !
hugs and purrs !

China Cat said...

My Lap Lady thinks all of that town looks so beautiful. But I love the idea of snuggling in front of the fireplace! Ah, warmth!

Purrrrrrs, China Cat

Ramses said...

Oh I'z so glad you'z had a great weekend! :)


Tamra Maew said...

This looks like a wonderful weekend! What a beautiful view from your condo, Im glad you had a good time. The shower would have been my first stop in my inspection tour too!


Cheysuli and gemini said...

Oh Miss Peach, you make Momma want to go visit there!

Isis said...

Hi Miss Peach,

I'z trying so hard to be a good girl and say hi to my furriends, but I'z can't get lovely Mancats off my mind right now... *blush* Mummy says I'z can go see one in a few weeks after I'z turn one and I'z been lookin' at 'em all day trying to make my mind up which one looks nicest! ;) Sometimes it's very hard being a growed up Ladycat...


Blue said...

A snowy Christmas...
Remember them as a child in the UK, espcially on Christmas Eve: now, it's more likely to be wet & windy...
Keep warm & cosy!

Gentle strokes

PS - Have today, sent you belated Christmas Greetings - bound to arrive late due to snail mail post, but the thought was there!

Lorianna said...

Miss Peach is so cute, being a typical curious kitty. I like thinking of her all cozy by the fireplace. The picture of the village is so pretty. I'm glad you all had a great time. :)
Love and Purrs,

Daisy said...

It is so beautiful there, like a real Winter Wonderland!Miss Peach, I am so glad you got to come along.

Anonymous said...

Miss Peach you are so luck to get to go places with your beans. We are always stuck at home.

What a beautiful place! I think it is magical too. Cole really looked like he was having a good time.

BTW I have taken over the bloggie from Bouncey. He has decided to retire for the moment.

Your friend,

Queen Snickers or Empress said...

That looks like such a wonderful place to visit! That is great your could go with your beans! ~Queen Snickers

Jan said...

How wonderful you got to travel and have another adventure.

Those scenes sure look cold. Brrrr. Glad you had sense enough to stay inside by the fire and put the 2-footed ones outside to play.

Jan's Funny Farm

Captain Jack and Dante said...

Those pictures are so pretty. Thank you for sharing!

Sunny's Mommy said...

It's beautiful there. BTW, good job inspecting the plumbing, Miss Peach. In our household, that's Ollie's job.

Caesar and Princess said...

This place looks sooo beautiful and magical. we realllly wish we were there with you playing in the condo and testing the utilities.

We love you Peachgirl. Have fun and thank you for showing us pictures!!

ps: Cole has really grown. He looks very happy!!

Anita said...

How wonderful to see you, Peach, so interested in your world!! You must be feeling 100% healthy.

Such beautiufl pictures. I can't wait to hear your stories.


Mickey said...

Welcome back Sweetie!!!!
I loved the pictures and the video showing the town getting"lit up" !
It was SO good to see you looking all cute and happy in your
weekend condo :)
The views were spectacular. I can just imagine the fun your Mom,Lapdaddy and Cole had.It sounds like a wonderful place and it's nice that it brings back memories for your Mom:)
Keep taking your medicine! It is obviously working wonders for you!!
Did I mention how beautiful you look!!? Your snowflakes were almost as pretty as you.
Take care and stay warm Sweet Sunshine :)
Purrs & Headbutts,Moonshine

MoMo said...

The town looks so picture-book perfect! Nice that you get to travel too. Thankyou for sending the bracelet and earrings. The package arrived yesterday. This is the first year that I can give a Christmas present to SS and her sister (SS got the bracelet and her sister got the earrings) I am so Happy!

The Furry Fighter said...

what a gorgeous picture-postcard place indeed!
where is Leavenworth? I don;t know my geography of your area that well...thank you xxx

MoMo said...

Oh yes, the design is beautiful. Love the little kitty heads! SS's sister was swanning around the house with the earrings on straightaway. I think she has forgiven me for waking her up at 5am every morning for my breakfast.

SS doesn't have holes in her ears to wear earrings but she loves the bracelet and the kitty pouch. The pair of them are going to wear the set to the family Christmas party to show off. Thanks again, Miss Peach!

Henry Helton said...

That water looks really good! I like to drink out of the faucet when I can.

Anonymous said...

Oh, my darling sister, welcome back! I'm so glad that you had such a wonderful trip. Such beautiful pictures -- thank you for sharing! Cole looks precious -- please give him a big kiss and a snuggle from me. And you look simply adorable, drinking out of the sink! Do you know that Brainball does exactly the same thing? And Dorydoo likes sink-drinks, too!

Sending a heart full of love, and warm purrs and sister snuggles, dear heart!

topcatrules said...

Dear Miss Peach, we loved seeing the beautiful pictures. Thank you so much for letting us see the magical town with the lights. :)

Dragonheart said...

Leavenworth looks very pretty! Nice job inspecting the condo, Miss Peach. :) Lots of snow there! There is no snow here in Munich, and it's fairly warm, hovering around zero. So the weather is nice for visiting the Christkindlmarkts, and drinking Gluehwein (don't worry, I don't drink the alcoholic stuff.) Frohe Weihnachten!

Tybalt said...

What a beautiful place! Cole is one cute grandbean. :)

Jackson said...

Wow, it looks so pawsome! I wish I could be there too! J x