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Remember...only in our tomorrows will we realize what we had in our yesterdays.

Monday, November 12, 2007



Mommy has also been so busy trying to learn new things. She finally figured out how to use the blogger video without having to bother the Lapdaddy. So you get to see my summer video of me in one of my favorite places...a BOX that came from KC! The beautiful little tote will come in so handy if I get to go on vacation. It will hold all of my cat food, and I need lots of it now because I eat like a little piggy:) Wasn't that a very thoughtful gift!!

Mommy played around with Adobe Elements the Lapdaddy put on her PC. There is so much to learn and it will take her years I am sure! But I would like to show you the very first photo she played with. Mommy loves Princess, the lovely Cornish sister of Caesar...so here it is...isn't she just the most sweet Princess!


Stanley said...


Those presents are great, but I think the best thing about that package was the bootiful bath box you got from KC.

You sure look like you're feeling better, sweetie. Thanks for the video action.

Goober love & smooches,

michico*Adan said...

Oh~~ Dearest Miss Peach,

Seeing your moving let me feel so comfort~! I love seeing your washing your face, it's very powerful and have strength~!!

I hope you are still so much strength right now~!!! Hoping you could ask your mommy record recently your moving to us, let us know you are better :)

That is very beautiful gift~!!!

Adan * michico

Ramses said...

What a lovely little video of you Miss Peach! I see you like boxes just like my little 'sis Isis does... :)

Mickey said...

Good Morning Sunshine!!!!
You are sooooooo sweet in your video(you always are sweet)
Mom is in a hurry for an appointment so i will drop by this evening.In the meantime,sleep and rest.Do not worry about visiting for now
Purrs & Kisses,Moonshine

Luna said...

Great to see you on the video Miss Peach.
You got so nice presents.
Nice adobe picture from Prinnie!

So I think you are feeling better.


Luna,Luzie and Frieda

Caesar and Princess said...

Yay for happy presents in the mail. We watched the movie two times. You are sooooo cute Peachie!
We are so happy to see you up and around!

The picture your mommie made of me is really lovely. My mommie does not know how to do anything fancy on the computer. This is super impressive and very artistic. Thank you for loving me Peachies~mom. Now that Blizzie is at kollig I have learned to let mommie and daddie love me and dote on me.

We have been sending double purrrs for you Peachie and we see they have worked <3

*smoooochies* Princess

Anonymous said...

Hi Miss Peach,

What a great gift and video.I'm so happy to see you up and stronger it
makes me smile...Hugs Your Pal Ariel

Boy said...

So gweat you're feewing better! Here's an invitation for you.
You are invited to come over for mine 14th purrthday party! Come have a wook at the invitation at mine bwoggy!

Daisy said...

Miss Peach, there is something so endearing and sweet about you! You look so fragile. Sitting in that little box, we just want to scoop you up and give you a hug.

Dragonheart said...

Wonderful video Miss Peach. :) You are so sweet. :)

Lovely graphic your mom made with Elements. :) That's the program my mom uses to make all her digital scrapbook pages!

Black Cat said...

You are so sweet little Miss Peach. I love that video and the pretty picture your Mommie made - she's very clever:) xxx

DEBRA said...

Miss Peach

How sweet of you to do such a beautiful picture of Miss Prinnie...I bet she was thrilled. YOU look very lovely today and I am so delighted.

Miss Abby

The Crew said...

Peach dear, we're so glad you're feeling better.

Sunny's Mommy said...

Great video! Miss Peach is going to be a movie star soon, I can tell :-)

Anonymous said...

What a darling video of you, my sweet sister! I just loved watching you -- you are so lovely and so sweet, and Mom wants to give you a kiss on your head! *big smile*

I am so happy that you are feeling so much better and eating well. Makes my heart sing with joy!

And what a beautiful picture your Mommy did of Prinnie. Prinnie is such a sweet and special curly girl, like you!

Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog, dear sister -- you, dear heart, are love and joy and smiles shaped like a kitty.

And wow, I am so excited about your meme!

Worlds of love and sistersnuggles and warm purrs from your ever-adoring sister Marilyn.

Tina T-P said...

Hello to our Dear Miss Peach from B'ham. It is a lovely day today - sunny and the wind is blowing slightly (not 80 mph gusts like it was yesterday!). Glad to see that every day you are feeling a little better. Sinda has a new spot to sit where she can sleep or sit and look out the window if she wants - sometimes she stays there all day. Neelix likes the wind - he sits on the porch and lets it blow through his fur :-) Have a great week. We think of you often! T.

Kellie The Orange Cat said...

Miss Peach, you are looking so much better, I hope you are feeling better too.

You Mommy is doing wonderful with Adobe Elements!

Eric and Flynn said...

That was a sweet video of you having a good wash. You are looking so much better, and that makes us happy.

Dr Tweety of da Fab Five said...

Miss Peachy!!! You looks delishus in pink & wit starz all around your beeotyfull dreamin' noggin'. I lovez you.

-Dr Tweety

Junior said...

You look so cute in that box! I really hope you are eating lots and I hope you get to go on vacation....as long as it is WITH your Mom and Dad!

TheSlyCat said...

What a great video! Glad you are feeling better. Have a great week!

Aniemother said...

O Miss Peach we love the video of you in the box - and what a lovely gift. But you're even cuter!

the WriggleButts