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Remember...only in our tomorrows will we realize what we had in our yesterdays.

Friday, November 16, 2007


Tasha Tudor is a wonderful lady. She is almost 93 years young and a delightful children's artist. A purveyor of vintage living, she is who I wish I could grow up to be like. Surrounded by her beloved corgin and kitties, she lives her days to the fullest in her homestead in Vermont. When I miss my sweet Oma...I can find traces of her in Tasha's world. Oma would gather the wood for the stove in her apron, feed the chickens, keep goats and kitties and rabbits...I close my eyes and am back in that special place once again...waiting...for the eggs to hatch and the bunnies to be born in Spring...waiting...for the ripe cherries and currants to bake Summer delights with...waiting...for Autumn to store the apples and pears for the Winter pantry...waiting...to fill the feeders with sunflower seeds to ease the hunger of our feathered friends.

Oh, isn't this TEA set lovely...my Mickey sent this to me:)

I want to share this Tea Story that her grandson Winslow wrote this month, along with glimpses of her spirit. Enjoy it and then close your eyes and remember your days of long ago in your own special place...


In November the ground freezes, the summer birds leave and the land is covered with cold until the sun rises sufficiently high in April to bring warmth to melt the ice. Now the chickadees come to the feeders and the red squirrels lace the frosted grass with their tracks. It is cold at night, and the windowpanes frost. When the wind blows, the branches move stiffly, lacking the suppleness of spring and summer's warmer days. It is a hard time on the wild animals, and the domestic ones as well. The chickens, in particular, look forward to spring. The deer and fox in their sleek winter coats and bright black noses leave their tracks in the fields. Blue jays are out in force. November nights arrive unexpectedly early, and the ponds begin to freeze. Daylight savings time ends, bringing an extra hour to evenings heavy with darkness. In the first week or two of the month there is invariably a dearth of snow, and until it arrives, the dark shadows of trees and their fallen leaves hold the sunless hours close. Yet even as the cold and cheerless rains of early November descend, the snow from the north draws near, and one day a storm comes and turns the world white.It is November and Thanksgiving Day is not far away.

To visit with Tasha,and learn more about her world, leave your calling card here: http://www.tashatudorandfamily.com/who_is.htm


Anonymous said...

Hi Miss Peach,

Thanks for sharing Tasha Tudor with
me.She's truly amazing.Also thanks so much for your sweet comment it made me and mom smile.We're so glad your feeling better.When we count the many things we're thankful for this Thanksgiving.We will include you and all the other wonderful kittys we've met here.Me and mom love you dear friend...Hugs and Purrs Your Pal Ariel

Dr Tweety of da Fab Five said...

Miss Peachy,

Oh da momee lovez Tasha Tudor. She tinks dat she had some Welsh Corgi's??? Aren't doze D-A-W-Gs? What iz wrong wit da momee anywayz????

We are soo tankful dat you are feelin' more like your-selvf. Dis will be our thank-fullness fur a long time.

Many blessingz Miss Peachy, to you & yourz,
Dr Tweety

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

Oh sweet Miss Peach, I'm so very glad to see you're up for visiting. You are such a dear sweet girl, I am just grateful you've recovered. I know your mommy and lapdaddy are too.

Big purrrrrrrs to you sweet Miss Peach. Perhaps I can telyport over tomorrow to share some tea and watch your birds if you're up to it. I wouldn't want you to get to tired out. Maybe Mickey could come too.

Karen Jo said...

Tasha Tudor sounds like an amazing lady. Thank you for sharing her with us. I could never think you ungracious, Miss Peach. I was just very happy to receive a visit from you. I am so glad that you are feeling well again.

Mickey said...

Good Evening Sunshine!!!
Tasha Tudor is a woman after your own heart. Mom and I enjoyed the pictures and story:) She is an inspiration.One thing about the coming of the Winter season is that Mom spends more time indoors)as do all beans).We tend to be more reflective and inward thinking.The weather outside may "be frightful" but inside ,in the quiet evenings of thought, dreams are born.Plans get made,ideas form excitement grows.
Not all plans come to fruition, but dreaming is what carries us forward and gets us through the long cold days!
So sit by your fire and dream my Sweet Peach :)
Hugs & Purrs,Moonshine <3

The Cat Realm said...

Such sweet pictures - very nostalgic...
Have a beautiful weekend Miss Peach!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for introducing us to Tasha Tudor! What a delight. I just love visiting with you, my precious sister... always a joy to share, a delightful nugget from life's store of treasures.

Don't think I have forgotten your lovely meme! I am thinking on it very deeply because I want to do justice to its beautiful spirit *smile*.

I hope you have a lovely weekend, dear heart! And I am delighted that you are feeling well!

Much love and warm purrs and sistersnuggles from your adoring Marilyn.

Henry Helton said...

This is a nice story.

Black Cat said...

What an amazing woman Tasha Tudor must be. Thanks for sharing her and the story and pictures too. I'm thankful you are feeling so much better:) xxx

Kimo & Sabi said...

Those were some lovely photos - and tea set!

poppyq said...

Miss Peach I is so glad you is feeling better. Love is the best medicine of all.

topcatrules said...

Miss Peach, we are doing you for Thanksgiving too. We don't have celebration or turkey over here, *pout* so we will just give thanks to have you well.

We have been teaching you at school for ages now. We find your 'composition' of your photographs can teach the students a great deal. :)

Gattina said...

It looks wonderful ! I am back from Egypt where we had 30° (86F) and now here -2°C (31 F) I feel awful ! but we met a cute cat in our hotel !

Team Tabby said...

Miss Peach,
How lovely of you to visit us, that is so wonderful of you. We are counting our blessings that you are feeling so much better now. We have enjoyed seeing the pictures of you with your mommy and lapdaddy recently, very much. Thank you for showing us the way to Tasha's world.....we think mom would love to visit her garden...mom loves gardening.
Moe & Mindy

Smeagol & Strider (Mystery & Gizmo too!) said...

Thank you so much for sharin' Tasha Tudor with us. We enjoyed learnin' about her, she's wonderful!

Thanks also for visitin' us, and we're sorry to have worried you. Mom's just been furry busy and hasn't had much time to help us post or visit our furriends. But we're continuin' to purray for your health and we are so thankful that you're feelin' better!!

Caesar and Princess said...

Hello MissPeachiekins.
This is a very sweet story about Tasha Tudor. She is gifted and determined. You shared some very cute pictures today too.
We hope your week-end is sunny and comfy. we are resting in our heated room and we come out to play when we decide.

Love and hugs

Anonymous said...

Hi Miss Peach,

It's me again I've given you an award.Please go to my blog to see...
Hugs And Purrs Ariel

Gretchen said...

I enjoy coming here to visit. Not only is your lovely, cozy home so inviting and so hospitable, it is warm with tender loving feelings, beautiful words, enchanting images.

I haven't been by in a while, I was just catching up. I'm so happy you are feeling better, that your lovely beans still have you to share their life with. Stay well,
sweet friend.

Warm, cuddly hugs, sweet friend...G

TheSlyCat said...

Miss Peach,
I am tagging you for a meme. If you have the time that is:)

Kathy L. said...

Our Mum like Miss Tasha, too, Miss Peach! Every now and then she gets a book our of the shelf and she reads it about her life. We are just glad she stays in the chair long enough for snuggles! Sometimes all five of us can fit, if Ziggy doesn't take up too much room.

We r sew glad to hear you are much better!

Shadow, Max, Pixel, Ziggy and HRH The Princess Europa

in Airy Zona

The Devil Dog said...

I think mom has some books illustrated by Tasha Tudor. I know Auntie does. Thank you for bringing back fond memories for mom.
As for visiting you on th road trip, well, that was totally enjoyable and I am glad we were able to bring a smile to your face and spirit to your heart. I am glad that you got better. We all were praying hard for you because you are worth it. We all know what it is to lose a loved one and we didn't want your mom to know that yet. It's not your time.
Stay warm. I think it's going to be cold tonight.


Tina T-P said...

Our Dear Miss Peach - We were so excited (and honored) to have you visit our blog - with all of the visitors that you have had, responding to all of them must be a huge task. We've been checking on your progress almost every day and mom has been so worried about your momma - she knows how much it weighs on her heart when one of us isn't feeling well.

Sinda has taken up residence on top of the cupboards for the winter - it is very warm up there - it requires jumping onto the kitchen counter (bad kitty) then on to the refrigerator, then up to the top of the cupboards. I think sometimes she goes up there to get away from Neelix, because he is too tubby to jump that far LOL.

You take care of yourself, your momma and your lapdaddy. We think of you often. XOX - your B'hamster friends - Tina, Neelix & Sinda

DaisyMae Maus said...

I'm checkin' in to see how you're feelin' ... I hope that it's not too horribly cold there in the Tri-Cities (Mom was there back in late September an' it was furry hot, but got cloudy an' rainy when she left) ...

I hope that you're feeling REALLY well an' have perked back up!

Snuggles ...

Jake and Bathsheba said...

Wonderful stories and pictures - thanks for sharing. We hope you continue to get stronger each day, Miss Peach.


Christine and FAZ said...

Tasha Tudor sounds like a wonderful lady. I loved your story as well. I wonder if Miss Tudor is related to the royal house of Tudor? They were a very handsome and intelligent family and provided England with some of their most notable kings and queens.

It sounds to me, Miss Peach, like you are much better as well, we are so delighted. We think of you every time we open the bedroom shutters as that is where we hung the joul your lovely human made for us.

Purrs FAZ