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Remember...only in our tomorrows will we realize what we had in our yesterdays.

Friday, July 6, 2007

The Legend and her new fan.
My sweet oddeyed sister Marilyn
Profiles of the past for a future generation. That is the lesson here today. My sweet sister Marilyn MonROEW has inspired me from the beginning of my bloggy days to remember the great star. Each visit to Marilyns blog, everytime I saw her lovely white fur, I would think of the candle that burned out way too soon.
Now enter my grandbean Cole and he will learn that the Legend will never die! Over 40 years she has been away...but never too far. In one short blogging afternoon, a little boy has met a star whose light will never dim. He is in love with a sweet cat...a name...a star...a Legend. Next week when he comes for his visit, I will put "Some Like it Hot" into the VCR. A new fan will be born.....
Thank you dear sister for your gentle presence in our lives, this post is dedicated to you:)
Love Peach >(^,^)<


Daisy said...

Oh, how sweet to dedicate your post to the beautiful Marilyn MonREOW! She is very glamorous and wonderful just like the first Marilyn Monroe. I am glad you are teaching Cole about her.

Anonymous said...

Oh, my sweet and darling sister *happy sniffies*, what a beautiful tribute. I am so touched, honored, and happy!

I have always been so proud to bear the human Marilyn Monroe's name; she was such a sweet, talented, and wonderful person whose candle indeed burned out far too soon. I'm lucky, as her kitty namesake, to have found a huge measure of love and happiness in my life because of wonderful kitties like you and Mickey and the rest of my dear kitty family and friends, and I'm so happy, too, to have wonderful beans in my life like my Mom and Dad and adorable little Cole!

Please give Cole my love and purrs and snuggles, and I hope you feel them coming from me to you, my darling sister! Thank you so much for being precious you.

Much love,

Your sister Marilyn.

darlene said...

hi, thanks for coming by, you need to join
it helps to get others to see you blog, and i just love yurs!!
you can join off of mine!!
or others that may have it...just an idea!!...
thanks for adding me to yur blog roll!!...til we meet again...meow out!!!