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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Max the Tuxy Cat

A furrrrrry good morning to all my furrrrends. This is MAX, he is the Pet Photo kitty of the day. Wow is he efur a great tuxedo kitty or what!?Maybe some of you might want to send in your photo to them....who knows, you could be in the limelite too:)

PS: Here is the scoop! (Not the litter scoop...hee hee! the reporting scoop!)
Max , 5 years old from Sacramento, CASent in by Charity & Chuck
Here is our handsome lover-boy, Max. He is resplendent when dressed in his tuxedo. He has the most beautiful eyes and the longest wiskers we have ever seen!
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PSS: I think he almost looks like Santa Cat:)

PSSS: I think he looks like a verrrry furrrrry Caesar :)


Caesar and Princess said...

Hi Miss Peach. You are a very sweet and wonderful friend.
We would love for you to come over sometime soon and then we can have some fun playing with toys and lazing around and chasing.

This is a wonderful picture of Max. He is a really pretty floofy tuxie-puss. yeah, his "bib" looks like a big santa beard!

*~love Princess

Miss Peach>(^,^) said...

Oh great fun...I will bring some snacks with me too. Sardine crunchies! Maybe Suz can bring the catmint tea.
I fink Max looks like a furrrry furrry Caesar cat almost>(^,^)<
PS:I have to go to Walmart now and buy some cat food and litter 4 my new box...and fish food 4 my pet fish Bubbles

Dragonheart said...

He is a very fluffy Tuxedo Cat. Did you know that I'm a tuxie too? Yep, you can see the colour my fur would be on your nose. :)

I am all prepared to host you in Munich this coming weekend if you can make it. :)

Suzanne said...

max is one heck of a handsome guy! i love his santa ruff/beard.


Daisy said...

He does have a very cute Santa beard! What a pretty cat.