Welcome to the COZY COTTAGE. This is the furever home of the memory of Miss Peach, our 18 year old Devon Rex angel kitty. I am Miss Hunny Bunny, she asked me to pour you a cuppa catmint tea as you read our old fashion mewsings about this and that. Please come by often...one lump or two? Now our precious Hunny Bunny is also an angel cat...please let me be your hostess at the cozy cottage...my name is Miss Hope.

Remember...only in our tomorrows will we realize what we had in our yesterdays.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Mommy knows I love the red lazer light...she made a pretty light show in my foodie dishes...it was fun but I would rather chase the red dot around the carpet.
 Here are some pretty pictures we like to share with you...the vintage print above is one of mommies favorite ones.  The two works of art below are from artist Carmen Keys...she paints wonderful fairy kitties...when we look at her art...we purrrr and smile.
 Wishing you a wonderfur Wednesday...remember to look for magic moments in each day!

Monday, May 28, 2012


 Today we honor those who gave all for our freedom...who honored the call to duty
 in conflicts on our soil...on beaches far away...in waters across the seas...
 from the Civil War...to World War I...to World War II...to Korea...to Vietnam...to Bosnia...to Desert Storm...to Afghanistan...our brave men and women honored the call to duty...
 Those who gave all they had...their glory will never fade from our memory...

Sunday, May 27, 2012


 Here is where I will spend the day today...in the front parlor on my soft pink bed.  It is a safe place and Scrappy cat will never find me here because she will NEVER come inside my cozy cottage.  Later in the afternoon I will take a nap with mommy out on the patio daybed...I will stick my tongue out at Scrappy if she comes by because mommy will protect me...

Thursday, May 24, 2012


Our most precious sweet perfect Parker will leave us for the heavens above today.  Her emerald and sapphire eyes will twinkle for the angels now...she will grace their laps each evening as they spoil her with treats.  We will miss her so...our comfort is knowing that she will be greeted by the icons of the Cat Blogosphere who have gone on before to prepurr a place.  Our hope is knowing that we will all be united one day...
Dear Helen and Scott...be comforted by your precious memories, they hold together the fibers of broken hearts...

Monday, May 21, 2012


A nice day to wander in the back yard for a change...
hmmmmmm this place smells funky....
that is because this rug is where the garden cats come for a sunny nappy...
I am not too sure it is a real safe place for me to be...
I wonder what else might be fun to do back here?  Mommy are you still watching out for Scrappy Cat for me?  OK I will come back in for now...can we take a nap together on the patio daybed?

Friday, May 18, 2012


This is what Scrappy Cat and Hunny Bunny do when they meet in the garden...
 OK what the heck is this?  Is this what God did with all the spare parts?  It is so ugly, I mean snuggly...it's cute!

 Donald Trump....eat your heart out!!!!
Somedays a post just has to make you crack up...we hope this was one of them:))

Thursday, May 17, 2012


It is wonderful to remember a Once Upon A Time when a pretty bride spent a moment with her preacher Beau before the ceremony... 

 The Wedding party
 Mr and Mrs Mickey Armstrong
and they lived happily ever after in our hearts until the end of our time...

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


I find myself wandering through the pages of time these days...my special girl still brings a tear to my eye because I loved her so much.  Time can never erase the memory of her sweet little face...

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


 Once upon a time a little red cat wanted to try on a hat...she looked at it in awe...made of the finest straw...then decided it would look better on her mom.

Monday, May 14, 2012


 It is a glorious day in the garden today!  Mommy let me out for a short walkabout again...I decided to take a snooze in the afternoon breeze before I started...
 Mommy watched me from the window to make sure I was safe all the time...
 The heart shaped red leaves of the red bud tree are almost as pretty as the deep pink rugosa roses...the are heady with a wonderful clove and cinnamon scent.
 Snow in Summer is looking delicate and full this year...
 Purple Columbine, lilac iris and deep pink peony in the perennial garden...
 and here I am in the back yard hiding behind the dogwood tree...just in case Scrappy Cat comes around thinking she can give me a black eye...thank you mommy for watching out for me and for inviting all of my guests along on another garden walk...

Sunday, May 13, 2012



The woman was old and ragged and gray,
and bent with the chill of the winter's day.
The street was wet of recent snow
and the woman's feet were aged and slow.
She stood at the crossing and waited long alone,
uncared for amid the throng of humans beings who
passed her by nor heeded the glance of her anxious eye.
Down the street with laughter and shout,
Glad in the freedom of "School is out".
Came the boys like a flock of sheep,
bailing the snow piled white and deep.
Past the woman old and gray,
hastened the children on their way.
At last came one of the merry troop,
the gayest laddie of all the group
He paused beside her and whispered low,

"I'll help you cross if you wish to go".
Her aged hand on his strong young arm,
he guided the trembling feet along;
Proud that his own were firm and strong.
Then back again to his friends he went,
This young heart happy and well content.
"She's somebody's mother, boys, you know,
for all she's aged and poor and slow".
And somebody's mother bowed low her head,
In her home that night and the prayers she said;
"God be kind to the noble boy,
who is somebody's son and pride and joy."
-- Mary Dow Brine
Wishing all of you a most wonderful day beside your mother or filled with memories soft and sweet of the days that you did...

Friday, May 11, 2012


 Looks good...
 Smells good...
Mommy will not even notice if I take a tiny nibble...or will she?

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Normally I only like to eat my dry krunchies...but I got a special treat!  Mommy was worried I might not like it but boy did I prove her wrong.  Well now, maybe she can post the wrong video more often if it gets me these results!  Wow we just read the fine print on the tin...made in Thailand...should we worry?  While it is all natural with no added anything icky, we would rather eat food made in the good old USA or Canada.  Happy middle of the week to all of you...Spring is rolling right along.  Mommy spent the day cleaning the screened in patio and preparing it for the Cat days of summer.  Washing the walls with her new hose...making the tiles on the floor shine and bringing out all the summer linens for the chairs and the daybed.  Let the season begin...